This year Germany presses sales may be down

Published on 2018-11-26

Germany plastics and rubber machinery manufacturers reflected, decrease in orders for the first four months of this year. Therefore, the representative Germany VDMA machinery industry trade groups to modify the 2013 projections of sales, the sales growth forecast downwards to 1%.
Germany sales hit a high of 6.5 billion euros in 2012, VDMA predicted sales growth in 2013 before 3%.
VDMA Ulrich Reifenhuser at the annual meeting, the Chair announced that the adjusted annual forecast. Reifenhuser said: "Judging from the April new orders, we think 2013 will enter the trough in the second quarter. "
A 13% drop in orders in January-April this year than the same period in 2012. Germany domestic orders declined by 18%, reduce the number of overseas orders 12%. But overseas orders, orders from EU countries rose by 8%.
However, VDMA remains optimistic about the industry's prospects for growth, expected in 2014 Germany machinery sales growth to reach 6%, reached record high of 6.9 billion euros.
While April sales decline, but the VDMA is expected in 2013 and 2014 for overseas sales will remain strong.
VDMA Managing Director Thorsten k ü hmann pointed out that "the rebound in exports to emerging markets, particularly in Asia, demand is also on the rise in Central and Eastern Europe. "
2012, Germany's investment activities, but with the recent decrease in orders.
Reifenhuser on the Germany market optimism. Private consumption is still rising, low interest rates provide support for construction activities, and will be held October 16-23rd in Germany K2013 is expected to be held in Dusseldorf for the plastics processing enterprises new impetus to the investment activities in 2014.
Reifenh?user said "2014 is expected to export will achieve growth in all regions, Western Europe is no exception.