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Published on 2018-11-26

Relevant data show that last year, 5.11% of Italy exports to China worth about 139 million euros, compared with 2011 lowered slightly. However, Italy plastics and rubber machinery and mould manufacturers Association (Assocomaplast) General Manager Mario Maggiani said, China is still the most important market.
At the CHINAPLAS on 2013, MarioMaggiani said: "compared with the 2011 Expo, this year's Italy Pavilion company almost 1 time. Our Pavilion 1208 square meters, is second only to Germany in CHINAPLAS2013 after the second Pavilion. Together with other companies is not within the Pavilion, Italy this year about 60-70 companies came to Guangzhou. ”
Mario Maggiani said, although no more double-digit growth in China, but compared to Europe's weak economy is still much better. He predicts this year's Italy plastic machinery exports to China and 2012. He went on to say that more and more Italy enterprises, set up subsidiaries in China, providing direct service, some have set up production plants in the country.
It is reported that Assocomaplast in addition to cooperation with the EU, in recycling and Bio-plastics technology research and development, but also operates an international are fuelling the global plastics industry standards. "At the ISO level, at present, a TC270 Technical Committee to study the project, a working group on machines in June in Germany meet to discuss for the first time.

Keywords: injection molding machines, plastics machinery, Italy
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