Keywords: SML, plastic processing, extrusion machine

Published on 2018-11-26

Unlike the Engel and Arburg, is, in CHINA PLAS 2013, Austria Karl Stoeger, Managing Director of SML Lenzing machinery that "more and more price-sensitive customers in China. ”
"Engel and Arburg is an industry leading, less competition. SML is re-engineering, we find OEM parts to assemble our customers tailor-made production lines, now competition is intense, because many of our multinational competitors are coming to China. "Karl added.

SML managing director Karl Stoeger

On this, Karl Stoeger to related people told has a interesting of thing: "I recently received a cases China customer of extrusion line orders, in CHINA PLAS held Eve, I on this cases orders by needed parts and European OEM parts suppliers discuss, we both in price aspects disputed has for more than a hours, later, dang OEM suppliers know we of customer is China company Shi, on voluntary put price drop has many, which see, China customer on price is is sensitive of. ”
More than 40 years, SML has been committed to the research, design and production of all kinds of plastic processing machinery, in extrusion technology and plastics processing equipment has been a world leader in the field, is the world famous machine manufacturer. Product category has a single screw extruders, twin screw extruder, blown film extrusion lines. The customers are mainly large enterprises in China. Karl said: "in recent years, a lot of blown film extrusion lines SML PIN to Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia, customers also bought many in the Middle East. ”
It is learnt that the SML are the selling points of 100% production in Europe. Although more and more customers in China, but Karl ruled out the possibility in China for OEM partners. "We produce special machines, from the consideration of engineering know-how and proprietary technologies, we are 100% Europe for our production strategy. ”

Keywords: SML, plastic processing, extrusion machine

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