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Published on 2018-11-26

Kraussmaffei Group (Krauss Maffei Group) integrates the kraussmaffei, kelaosimafeibeiersituofu (Krauss Maffei Berstorff) and Chi (Netstal) three major brands, CHINAPLAS2013, kraussmaffei highlights include SkinForm process, Chinese-made whole pipe and PET preform and bottle production line system.
According to Maffei, Chief Executive of China Shi Wenzhe (Harald Schweitzer) revealed that the company has completed the development of two. "First of all, we moved from coastal areas by West, increases sales and service positions in the Interior. Secondly, Haiyan, Zhejiang, located in plant expansion completed earlier capacity almost doubled over. "At present, Maffei had begun assembling plant in Haiyan large MX-series plastic machine, mainly serving the domestic auto industry.

Maffei, Chief Executive of China Shi Wenzhe

Shi Wenzhe also pointed out that the company optimistic about a considerable increase in PET markets in China, we have workshops established PET laboratory and training centre in Haiyan. Performance of the Maffei in China last year, he said is better than 2011, went on to say that the market is not back, but slower growth than in the previous two years calmed down.
In addition, Maffei sales Vice President Frank Peters added that this group in Asia for the first time to show the Skin Form a complete system with polyurethane injection method to improve part quality and beauty. He said: "we are seeing a number of development in the Chinese market. First of all, because of concerns the pay, companies want more automated equipment, the auto industry hopes ' go ', eager to enhance product quality and they need high efficiency, low energy consumption of machinery to deal with the increasingly strict environmental regulations. Market, electric transport concepts, creating lightweight parts light up. ”
Note: this year is the kraussmaffei's 175 anniversary.

Keywords: injection molding machines, Maffei

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