Keywords: Engel, injection molding machines, packaging

Published on 2018-11-26

On CHINA PLAS 2013 shortly in the past, Wei Mai Luo, President of Engel (Gero Willmeroth) described Engel machines sold in China, more difficult aspect is the price. Often he would use the unit cost to persuade customers. Pleasing is that prices are important, customers have also been more and more attention to quality.
Engel's company is responsible for the sales and after-sales service in China, based in Shanghai, Gero said, comprehensive optimization processes reduce the unit cost, Engel is payback period just 1-2. Engel's customers of today are no longer as sensitive to price. He e-motion Engel injection moulding machines, for example, explains: "this machine with 2 thin-walled cavity mould producing margarine, it features a 2.8-second shortest cycle, high precision, high performance and energy efficiency. CHINAPLAS exhibition of e-motion440/160T machine, many pharmaceutical packaging user's attention. ”
It is reported that a e-motion machine can be replaced by two machines, labor and energy costs can be reduced, and quality improvement. E-motion series injection molding machine has been accepted by the industry, in medical technology and packaging applications and running quickly proved the strength of the industry. Decorative prefilled food packaging production can also step in place.
Single brand as the world's leading manufacturer of injection molding machine, Engel has a production base in Shanghai. Gero said Shanghai base of capacity will be doubled. However, he admitted that starts is not 100%.
Engel with offices in Beijing, Shenzhen and after-sales service team to provide suitable for thermoplastic elastomer injection molding machines, including injection molding machine design and production, a full range of plastic processing technology modules, as well as a full range of automation solutions.

Keywords: Engel, injection molding machines, packaging
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