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Published on 2018-11-26

Austria Engel machine manufacturer holding company announced that the 2012-13 fiscal year sales hit a record high. CEO Peter Neumann at the company headquarters, said at a news conference before the show at the k show, sales of 950 million euros, an increase of 14%.
Neumann said: "we never expected to be able to recover from the financial crisis 2009-10 as fast. In a very short time, we exceeded € 950 million mark, its Engel's best year ever recorded. "

CEO Peter Neumann

In the crisis of the previous year, Engel sales of 622 million euros in 2009-10 dropped to 358 million euros. This year's sales record numbers better than Engel had intended. Neumann said: "after the crisis we have said, if we can recover to pre-crisis levels each year of 622 million euros would have been very happy with. "
Engel's sales from overall growth since 2009-10 165%. The company expects to increase within the next three years of about 5%.
Neumann attributed the success of injection molding machinery company markets become more mature. "The global industry is toward higher-quality, more high-tech products. "
Engel's market share in Asia is a 10% (by sales), up from 2% in 2004. Neumann noted that overall, China injection molding machine market is shrinking.
Neumann asked: "why China market shrinking? Not their plastics processing changes little. But because they start to use more efficient, high-tech machines. "
"At present, Europe's machine exports to Asia than Asia's machine exports to Europe. And European businesses in the region of production is gradually increasing. "

Injection molding machine manufacturer Engel sales record

"Low-technology market collapse. China's machinery industry is changing, molder increasingly to high technology market sectors. This speed will be accelerated further over the coming years. Consumers want their products have the same quality standards in the world. "
Engel's biggest market in Europe, market share 30%, 65% per cent of total sales. High growth markets in the far East, is currently 18% per cent of total sales, still's attention-Engel market. Neumann said: "in the long run, we have to achieve growth in the Asian market, because this is the only real long-term growth potential of the market. "
In 2012, the Engel expansion of its Shanghai plant annually produce 250 sets of Duo plastic machine. In March this year, the company again expanded the factory in Pyeongtaek city, an annual production of more than 1200 sets e-Mac, e-Motion, Victory and Insert injection molding machine.

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