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Published on 2018-11-26

Austria Enterprise Wham Phil Patton Group executives said the company this year will increase expansion of large tonnage press, annual sales by 2013. The company plans to make its clamping force up to 1,600 tons of large tonnage injection machines appeared at the k show next year.
"2013" activities, the mighty Phil Patton Group's additional open its covers an area of 17,220 square feet of new plants.
Last year, Austria the mighty Phil Patton Group (Wittmann Battenfeld GmbH) injection molding machines with sales of 275 million euros (358 million dollars) in 2011, representing a growth of 11%.
Mighty battenfeld CEO Georg Tinschert April 24 press conference pointed out that the company had limited due to injection molding machine specification, missing a number of large-scale injection molding machine orders in the automotive industry.
Therefore, the clamping force of 1,600 tonnes of large-tonnage injection function for the company to seize more market share, especially in the 57% of the total demand of the European market.

Keywords: international news, injection molding machine, brave and battenfeld
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