Japan's auto industry ask-maintainn advance of the plastics processing machinery industry

Published on 2018-11-26
Recently, Japanese industrial machinery industry will be announced in June 2015 the amount of export orders and industrial machinery of the contrperformance. According to the analysis, auto incralleviate the amount of industrial ask led to the advance of plastics processing machinery industry.
Orders amounted to 469.787 billion yen, a 91.5% identical month last year. The amount of orders, domestic ask incralleviated to 260.991 billion yen, to 108.2 percent identical month last year. Among them, the amount of orders from the manufperformanceuring sector rose to 111.6 percent identical month last year, the amount of orders from non-manufperformanceurers rose to 114.4 percent identical month last year, the amount of orders from government agencies and public facilities incralleviated to 101.9 percent identical month last year, from the agent Suppliers order intake fell to 90.7% in identical month last year. External ask was 208.796 billion yen, down 76.7% in identical month last year.
From the aircraft, the order intake incralleviated boiler and prime mover (127.1%), mining machinery (102.1%), tank (729.3%), plastic processing machinery (130.2%), pumps (121.9%), the compresthereforer (110.1%), the blower (126.5%), transport machinery (187.1%), transassignment (108.3%) and metalworking machinery (384.7%). Reduce the amount of orders that include mechanical, including chemical mechanical refrigeration (45.4%) (compared with identical month to store up with all brackets).
The data altherefore display that exports 70 chief manufperformanceurers of the contrperformance amounted to 192.774 billion yen, down 74.7% to identical month last year. Orders grew particularly notable tanks and metal processing machinery, beproduce of incralleviated external ask, order intake shrinkd by chemical mechanical vast milestonet of cut back lower reduced external ask.
In addition, according to the industry, the plastic incralleviated processing machinery ask from the automotive industry, growing the blower and electric skill ask from the automotive industry, transport machinery incralleviated ask from electrical machinery, shipestablishing and skill industries, transassignment from the inshapeation interperformanceion machinery and other incralleviated manufperformanceuring ask.