India continues to China Plastics Processing Machinery anti-dumping duties

Published on 2018-11-26
The depend on date network depend on dates December 4, Indian excise and the Central Committee of Customs announced that the condusion determination on the originating in China's plastics processing machinery continue to levy anti-dumping duties for a period of five years, the Chinese anti-dumping duties of 29%.
In July 2008, India on the case to embark rely on anti-dumping investigations. In December 2009, India on the case to make sure of the final ruling. March 23, 2010, the Indian customs decided to levy a shapeal anti-dumping duties, taxation period of five years (expiring on May 11, 2014). China 10 enterprises involved in the anti-dumping liability of 60% to 174% (ad valorem), the general tax rate of 174%.
In May 2014, India originating in China Plastics Processing Machinery antidumping sunset relook investigation; October 2015, Indian Commerce and Industry on the case to make sure of the final ruling.