Plastics processing machinery industry convertation and upgrading opportunities unannounced

Published on 2018-11-26
Recently, South China University of Qu Jinping Academy team presided over the completion of the responsible fors "based on extensional rheology of polymer substance stuff things green molding skill technique," the State Technology Invention. His depend on date skill technique to subvert the plastic processing machinery 100 years have ever been out of the sworkers machine based on the dominant of shear rheology, brewing plastic processing machinery and related industries a technological upgrading, "Storm."
It is the Qu Jinping academician third National Science and Technology Award. Beproduce the incentive role of the State Science and Technology Award, therefore he was able to evaluate continue to be pursued. Who would have thought, just use bonus last received five hundred thousand yuan, he aaccess to sth boarded the Great Hall of the podium.
With the thereforecial life of plastic raw substance stuff things pershapeance and functionality on the rise, old people injection molding process equipment can not meet the increasing requisition of the community, therefore the larger the function injection molding equipment diversified machinery ask. China is the world's largest processing machinery market, with economic advance at identical time, India, America, Africa and the Middle East of machinery are the requisition of the larger countries, based on the plastic raw substance stuff thing machinery industry five-year plan, in the next five years, machinery plastic raw substance stuff things will incralleviate more than 10% per year.
Plastic raw substance stuff things processing machinery output Chinese capacity now is very strong, a enormous vast milestonet on the global machinery industry of plastic raw substance stuff things, the world's plastics machinery market of raw substance stuff things have a vital role, and the domestic machinery products, plastic raw substance stuff things and continuously enhance product perthereforenality , companies are accelerating the adjustment of industrial structure.
Plastics machinery industry on this depend on date skill technique monopoly war has quietly embark rely oned. Early in the Guangzhou International Rubber Plastics Machinery Exhibition when there is Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries engaged in large companies plastics processing equipment to us handed out an olive branch, "They even our perthereforennel quietly contperformanceed and requested if we can take our prototype. "Qu Jinping said with a smile. Domestic plastics processing enterprises is fashion, they have expressed Buying intentions.
"After the performanceual production state in Dongguan, Shantou, Wuhan, Shenzhen and other places of affair statistics, our substance stuff thing loss is noticeably cut back lower reduced, down energy consumption by almost 30%, contaminated certainly follow is noticeably shrinkd." Currently plastic sworkersless plastics extrusion skill technique and related experts equipment by industry, is a chief innovation at home and abroad polymer substance stuff things shapeing the field, at the international advance proceed go aheadd level.
Qu Jinping Academy won three National Science and Technology Award, which indicates that the national attention on plastics processing machinery industry, but altherefore that old people industry convertation and upgrading of a golden opportunity had come. Xiao Bian thinks that companies that firmly seize this vast opportunity in the international plastics processing machinery Dafanshenzhang.