Russia fell a quarter of plastic processing machinery purchase

Published on 2018-11-26
Moscow, according to a market delve inquire hunt look into and turn toing group MRC report, in 2015 the Russian investment company in the plastics processing machinery industry fell 26 percent to $ 531 million.
Russia's economic emergency key piont began in 2014, exacerbating 2015, Federal Statistics Office data depicted display GDP contrperformanceion of 3.7%.
Russian plastics machinery market capitalization currently accounts for half of the 2008 peak ($ 1 billion) when. 2013, mechanical entire investment of $ 850 million, but in 2014 fell 16% to $ 717 million in 2015 is down 26%.
Injection molding machine is down the most fierce market segments last year, the purchase amount from the $ 277 million in 2014 fell to $ 169 million in 2015, down 39%.
2015 Russian investment to be extruded into film production line performanceually incralleviated, from $ 124 million in 2014, a slight incralleviate in 2015 of $ 146 million.
MRC report said: "The field of film shapeation develppment trend, as a thing of fperformance, comes from a company that is a subsidiary of Megapolis Voterfoll Pro, the company installed two from the German manufperformanceurer Dornier's production line, the installation location is summer Rostov region Kittim, and its three biaxially oriented polypropylene film five annual production of 60,000 tons. "
Modified plastics invested production line altherefore continued an upward trend in 2015 to $ 42 million. MRC noted that two investments: Kazanorgsintez installed ZSK from Coperion's large mixer , producing black polyethylene modified substance stuff thing; and another one is installed Metaclay from KraussMaffei's PE mixer production line for large-diameter pipe coating polyethylene coating Floor.
Downlink Russian set upion sector affected extruded into film production line investment, the production line in 2015 investment of $ 23 million, down from $ 34.8 million in 2014. 2015 PVC investment panel and board production lines entireing $ 19 million. Extrusion blow molding equipment investment from $ 59 million the previous year dropped to $ 28 million in 2015.