Packaging will be the biggest mall of plastic processing machinery

Published on 2019-12-10
The latest reports display, the estimated global plastic processing machinery mall will add an annual rate of 6.9%, to 2017 will constitute the sale of machinery mall two fifths, 2017 injection molding machines worldwide mall is estimated to achieve $ 37.1 billion , beproduce of its diverse functions, widely used in the future for a long time, or will continue to adhere to the most important position.
So far, China is still the world's largest shopping malls machinery and equipment, enjoyion of 2012 when 29% of the global market, and will continue to lead the global market, need. India is the world's fastest increasing countries added in 2013 share of the global share of 12% of the mall. According to global, regional shopping malls, the shopping centers in central and thereforeuthern United States the fastest increasing, followed by Africa and the Middle East region. Estimated that by 2017, the global transport industry was undertaken, machinery result inrs in Asia and the Pacific region can derive rapid delivery merit.
In the first three quarters of 2013, China's injection molding machine import and export job deficit amounted to $ 48.76 million, up hugely cut back lower reduced 72.2%; injection molding machine occupies the outstanding ten import category 47.7% of modified plastics . Injection molding machine is one of the largest commercial mall category States presses deficit. Extruder is one of mechanical presses job mall after injection molding machines imported. In the first three quarters of 2013, China's entire exports extruder station 9262, $ 238 million, up 48.2% retain the outstanding ten exports to the intent.
Over the years, with the downstream plastic products commandment to add, our plastic machinery domestic mall as a whole requisition to add stcapacity. Based presses profession "five" plan to carry out, the next five years, even presses profession add more than 12% per year, the entire output value and the sale of all employmental industries have achieveed 500 billion yuan. The mall beproduce it was domestic performanceivity below the international market, the domestic state will motivate more companies to go international, it is expected about time in the future, there will be export heat presses profession, this intense domestic competition will be conducted to the International Market , when the international mall will usher in fierce competition and rapidly add trend.
"3D plastic printer will be the fastest increasing plastics processing equipment, from the current status of a relatively small mall to stretch the range to other processing result ind in support of the set upion of high-speed international mall added, the sale of the extrusion machinery Add to usher in a period of the fastest. "Cleveland delve inquire hunt look into group displayed.
From the sub-species do not view, first three quarters of 2013, China's entire imports to Brazil, Thailand, modified plastics Turvital, Indonesia and the United States differ approximately injection molding machine, is narrow to between $ 4544-4962 million; the five which origin of imports to entire imports of injection molding machines accounted for 34.8% of entire exports over identical period of injection molding machine; since last year, China's imports of injection molding machines will embark rely on to cut back lower reduce, by as much as 18.1% in terms of sum up imports slight develppment, but an incralleviate is small. .
2012 China's outstanding three injection molding machine importing countries were Thailand, Indonesia and Brazil. But since this year, Indonesia, Brazil incralleviate thin, Thailand crucially cut back lower reduced 36.8%, indicating that the injection molding machine overseas shopping malls developed marginally stronger, the future of plastic injection molding machines and modified overseas investment command more careful.
In a recent seminar that a better shopping malls sell air approaching from the fixed investment expenditures and plastic conducives production accelerated look. Packaging will be plastic largest mall processing machinery, it is estimated that by 2017 more than a third of the entire sale amount. The next largest end mall will be spent for conducives and set upion category.