International competitiveness of China's plastics machinery

Published on 2018-11-26

As the plastics industry is an important factor to measure of a nation’s industrial level, in recent years, plastic machinery industry has developed rapidly in China, has become the first country of the global production of plastics machinery. But to occupy an important place in the international market, China’s plastics machinery also needs to be done.
Plastic machinery in China began in the late 1950 of the 20th century, with the development of China Petroleum and chemical industry, plastics machinery industry in China has formed an independent industrial sectors, to date the plastics machinery production enterprises has grown to more than 1000, but with a certain scale, the strength of about 400 or so, corporate product innovation is not enough. Compared with other developed countries, although the total plastics consumption in China has ranked second in the world, but per capita plastics consumption compared with the developed countries has considerably. And plastic precision mechanical products but also lacking, competitiveness is not strong, highly sophisticated enterprises are mainly occupied by foreign enterprises in China.
But this while description, China plastic machine industry future has huge of mining development space, especially some technology content high, and performance good, and price relative moderate of models, as special large, and precision, and dedicated injection machine, for production high resistance infiltration sex and heat sex packaging material, of multilayer total squeeze blow plastic machine, production industrial parts (car accessories,) blow plastic mechanical,, are has is good of development prospects.
Plastic machinery industry enterprise, is the time to fight back.
First of all, speed up corporate restructuring. Improving the pace of enterprise restructuring, improving product innovation, reduce costs, and improve competitiveness.
Secondly, promoting technological upgrading in enterprises, aiming at the international advanced level, using advanced technology, further adjustment, optimizing product mix, improving product quality and grades as soon as possible, to better adapt to market demand.
Then, carry out various forms of international cooperation, further expand the scale of using foreign investment. Around, tons of volume, efficiency and expand exports, promote plastics companies and foreign multinationals in China to further cooperation, and actively introduce foreign funds, advanced technology and management experience, improve the technical level of enterprises, management and economic benefit.
Plastic processing industry good growth prospects will continue to be the drive for rapid development of Chinese plastics machinery manufacturing industry, plastic machinery enterprises must be heavy attack, increase industry visibility and competitiveness.