Plastics processing machinery and plastics industry the last

Published on 2019-12-10

As demand continues to grow and mature process technology of plastics recycling begins in the growing environmental voice in the popular, and its value, and more is what insiders call China plastics in the last piece of cake. Demand and market mania in sharp contrast to the 2013 1-cumulative production of plastics processing equipment May only 96,100 tons, down by 9.3% which May produce 23,800 tons of plastics processing equipment, fell 9.6 per cent.
Again, in relation to some areas of plastics processing equipment market, in addition to Henan, Anhui and Guangdong provinces to achieve a cumulative increase from different ranges, the remaining provinces (municipalities) is different from the cumulative growth rate decline, especially in Shanghai.
Based on this kind of situation many people get confused, multi-fuelled consumption of plastics processing market has revealed the urgent demand for products, but why the output of most of the domestic market is still showing a falling trend?
Jin Mo Luo Baihui machinery, Chief Analyst pointed out that target consumer in a continuously evolving market needs to be filled, the promotion process on the economic level, skill level, plastics processing equipment needed for its proposed new requirements. For example, under the theme of energy saving economy, with low energy consumption, low pollution, high efficiency advantages of the device is undoubtedly more users of all ages. In short, diversity highlights the growing stage, output only shows that it corresponds to a period, the industry level affected by the market environment, or from one level reflects the industry’s development.
Plastic processing equipment in China, 9.3 per cent decline is still in control, have little effect on market and industry development.