Elements of the injection molding machine mold protection sys

Published on 2018-11-26

As most of the plastic injection molding factories main production tools, which determines the shape of the product, specifications, dimensions, appearance finishing. Metal mold material for steel, formed by the cavity/core.
Mold protection
Because the mold has specific properties of precision vulnerability so mold is essential to the security and General summed up in the following areas:
1. Rust prevention: prevention of injection molding machine mold water/condensate/rain/rust caused by fingerprints.
2. collision avoidance: preventing mold ejector pins break, no fallback in place caused by the mold hit phenomenon.
3. in addition to Thorn: prevent mold from fabric/scrap/pliers hand cleaning/water touch touch/cutter mould caused by burrs.
4. lack of parts: preventing mold die for lack of tie rods/washers and other parts damaged in use.
5. pressure protection: prevent mold from mode-locked caused by residual mould bruised.
6. voltage: prevent mold damage due to low pressure, too much pressure.
Thimble has broken, the ending is not a fallback in place, mold residue product, proportionally more mold damage caused by lack of accessories, and occurs more frequently, so that 85 per cent of the mold damage is caused, and higher maintenance costs of mold and how to avoid such situations directly related to the interests of the injection molding industry.
In order to prevent mold damage caused by production delays and high maintenance costs, but also in order to save labour resources, An Qi after continuous research and improvement of science and technology, machine vision technologies has developed a product called mold protection device.
Mold monitor, or mold protectors, also known as die electronic eyes, can effectively protect the value of expensive tooling. Mold expert Luo Baihui, injection molding machine mold protection system installed on the injection moulding machine, you can directly check if the product is qualified, and check for residues without mold, mold clamps to prevent damage. Injection is running, in each period, expensive tooling may be plastic residues or slider dislocation and damage danger, An Qi in order to prevent these situations from occurring, automatically preventing the closed mold and alarm when the exception occurred.
If the die because there is no effective protection, resulting in mold damage, we give you the following advice:
Mold repair matters needing attention:
1. when removing the mold, avoid scratches and water, moving smoothly.
2. die spray, spray a small amount of mold release agent
3. to conduct a comprehensive inspection and finishing of mold: carefully dry the cavity cores, ejector mechanism, and slide, and other parts of water and debris, and spraying the mold inhibitor, and butter.
Tool maintenance
Die in the course of work, during exercise likely to cause wear and tear parts, metamorphism of lubricants, leak, plastic material problems such as bruising, mold maintenance is required.
Mold maintenance is generally divided into routine maintenance as well as lower maintenance
Mold maintenance typically includes the following:
1. regular descaling (appearance, PL, cavities, cores, etc)
2. Add lubricant on a regular basis (ejection mechanism, etc)
3. regular replacement of wear parts (tie rods, bolts, etc)
4. other areas in need of attention
Mould lower mould maintenance required by the professional maintenance personnel will die after removing the mold cavity, thimbles and other specialized test protection.