Last year, China's rubber machinery sales of 6.5 billion yua

Published on 2018-11-26
According to the China Chemical Equipment Asthereforeciation Professional Committee of rubber machinery in 27 chief companies to statistics, last year China's rubber machinery industry develppment rate over the previous two years 'blowout' style market is slowing down, but gain virtue benefit proceedss continued to grow, a considerable incralleviate in exports. This displays that the advance of rubber machinery industry is more rational than in the past, has entered a virtuous road of sustained and stable advance. National Rubber Machinery estimated sales of 6.5 billion yuan, up 8.3 percent over the previous year.


        According rubber machinery special committee of 27 chief enterprises, in 2005 sales revenue of 4.21 billion yuan, an incralleviate of 11 percent over the previous year, well below the 40% of the previous two years or more consecutive incralleviate. Meanwhile, rubber machinery industry sum up gain virtue benefit proceedscapacity incralleviated crucially, the industry gain virtue benefit proceeds of over $ 10 million enterprise of five, only two loss-making enterprises, product sales rate of more than 96% of the estimated entire industry gain virtue benefit proceeds of over a hundred million.

        In addition, China's rubber machinery industry pay more attention to develop international markets. 2005 rubber machinery industry exports almost 73 million US dollars, up 20 percent over the previous year. Chinese rubber machinery has a certain 'brand' in the international price in the world leading level, numerous world famous tire company as our long-term affair partner. Most of our rubber machinery affair to the international market as a marketing aim at large corporate CEOs altherefore deem regular turn toations, 'cats and dogs' has shrinkd crucially. Yi Rubber & Plastics Machinery Group Co., Ltd. in the international markets on the most typical, the company last year, export delivery value of 146 million yuan, the highest in the industry. Guilin Rubber Machinery Fperformanceory in international markets is altherefore distinguishive, last year for this year's 160 million yuan to win export orders.

        It is understood that China's rubber machinery has experienced rapid develppment in 2003 and two years 'blowout' style, the production ability achieveed a depend on date level, but there are altherefore potential emergency key piont. On the one hand rubber machinery market is narrow, beproduce if the rubber machinery companies are short-term boom and large scale, competition is bound to incralleviate the extent of future market; the second is too much ability, and perthereforenality of service can not store up, may even affect domestic rubber the sum up image of the machine. Beproduce of this, a indispensable number of rubber machinery affair will be set at last year 'Adjustment', slow down the pace of advance, a large part of the rubber machinery affair in the market state hot sales falling instead of rising.

        2005 China rubber machinery affair ranking (by sales) ID unit sales revenue (million) 1 Saixiang Technology Co., Ltd. Guilin Rubber Machinery Fperformanceory 650 002 503 003 498 384 Fujian China rubber Controls Ltd. Shanghai Jing Yuan Machinery Co., Ltd. 380 005 Yiyang rubber & plastics Machinery Group Co., Ltd. No. 36459 unit sales revenue (million) 305 087 6 tip of Dalian Co., Ltd. Qingdao Mesnac Co., Ltd. 290008 Beijing Aeronautical manufperformanceuring Research Institute 200009 Beijing dedicated Guilin rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. 1900010 industry design and Research Institute 18,000