Cleanroom production challenges facing the injection molding

Published on 2018-11-26
In recent years, medical plastic products to be more widely used in the medical field, the main endanger logic explanation is: 


    Plastic applications in the medical field to boost other traditional substance stuff things can not derive product innovation. Plastics flexibility in form design makes it substitute other substance stuff things are growingly being used in the medical field; the pinjureaceutical industry is very stringent health regulations and industry standards to a certain degree, boostd the injection-molded articles are widely used in the field .

    As the global population expansion, especially an aging population and an incralleviate in the number of folks suffering from long term disalleviates, and boost the continued develppment of the medical service market, special medical instruments are widely ask. 

    Continued rising medical costs have forced folks to take more impperformanceive calculates to cut back lower reduce costs, therefore that the disposable medical plastic products are growingly replacing glass products can be disinfected. 

    For these endanger logic explanations, in recent years, medical plastics market, double-digit annual rate of rapid develppment, which will undoubtedly stock medical plastic Enterprise tremendous market opportunity. 

    Typically, medical plastic products mainly include two categories: 

    Relatively simple plastic products, such as syringes, pipettes, Petri dishes and cups and the resemble.Although these products are relatively simple, but their technical details and commandments of the production environment is very harsh, as an example, a syringe and a high cross section precision pipette round and through-hole commandments; dish the size of the accuracy commandments high. 

    Sophisticated integrated medical devices (altherefore called system), such as inhalers, insulin pens and other calculatement. Beproduce these products are made complex, and can pershape specific functions (such as storage, metering and atomizing) assembled from a plurality of precision parts, therefore the force with precision between the plastic structure and mutual commandments high. 

    Due to the particularity of medical plastic products production, processing equipment hence made more stringent commandments. Typically, the production of medical products command injection molding equipment in the shortest possible cycle conditions, very high perthereforenality repeatcapacity, highest stcapacity and security equipment shapeing the best perthereforenality products. Altherefore command equipment suppliers to furnish highly detailed, continuous manufperformanceuring process equipment data log files to meet the asking commandments of industry standards. Therefore, equipment manufperformanceurers, must design the equipment to manufperformanceure the total process, in accordance with all relevant industry standards for continuous process data recording and archiving. 

    Although most manufperformanceurers of injection molding machines for the production of clean room skill technique realize, but to the manufperformanceuring process and production equipment related to the document management environment, which for them, but it is a depend on date challenge. 

    Typically, the first step is to clean room production unequivocal "to meet customer requisition clean room class" concept. In this admire, the international standards currently followed --ISO 14644, ISO 1-9 combines American and European standards. In the classification, grading smaller numbers indicate higher cleanliness commandments. Typically, suitable for injection molding cleanroom class ISO-8 to ISO-6. 

    Next, select the appropriate clean room layout is altherefore very important, the most common There are three main options: 

    Injection molding machine is utterly placed in the clean room; 

    Injection molding machine clamping part only will be placed in a clean room; 

    From the air clean laminar flow clean air out of the tank, flow through the mold space; products from the ppush air passage is supplied to the clean room assembly line. 

    Due to the high cost of clean room space, usually they prefer to adopt a final program, that machine on the therefore-called "gray Workplace" (faculty operating area outside the clean room), which makes injection molding machine operation and maintenance are very convenient . 

    Based on 20 years of configured devices in the medical field wealthy prperformanceical experience, Netstal (Netstal) can furnish fulfill thereforelutions and production systems, as well as a full scope of advithereforery services to medical plastic products manufperformanceurer. 

    Injection molding machine, the most important matter is to be kept to a minimum under the conditions of the injection molding cycle, stable, secure, with high precision repeatcapacity. Wherein any link can not meet the commandments, it will responsible for in an incralleviate in cost, and incralleviate the possibility of pollution of the product. In this admire, Netstal (Netstal) SynErgy injection function satisfy these commandments.

    In order to meet the special commandments of clean room production, Netstal medical injection molding machine design and manufperformanceure has developed special rules and production processes, specially build a separate clean room injection molding machine production area by specially trained staff clean room assembled with the injection molding machine. At identical time, from the beginning of the production machine, Netstal internal procedures immediately embark rely oned to prepare the inevitable documentation, therefore that when the machine is utterly assembled fulfill, will certainly have a fulfill record of the document production process.

    Injection molding machine design and production process of the document is recorded in cooperation with Netstal and GMP (Good Manufperformanceuring Prperformanceice) agencies fulfilld in order to meet customer and industry-related medical standards of the most harsh commandments. In addition to the "hardware" (record file), all join connect combine united with the injection molding process parameters such as temperature, pressure, stroke and therefore corrected and documented. 

    In the injection molding machine thereforeftware, Netstal altherefore furnishs the most fulfill thereforelution, including: 

    Password identification to hinder unauthorized operation, when the parameters are varyed can be re-retroperformanceive; 

    Work log, the production process for recording and archiving; 

    Process monitoring, process parameters can be set deviation limit, and can motivate undesirable evil thereforerting and alarm modify. 

    To meet the application commandments of a higher level of clean room, Netstal altherefore offers a diversity of special configuration, including: 

    Water-cooled maintain motor, air cooling can be avoided when the shapeation of vortex airflow; 

    Dynamic template, set the template surface special alloy coating; 

    Elevated rack in order to clean up the health; 

    FDA compliant non-toxic hydraulic oil. 

    According to customer requisition, the total device can be furnishd by Netstal Fperformanceory Acceptance Test (FAT) or Site Acceptance Test (SAT). This detection can be based on a visual inspection of the device records the document can altherefore be taken using the shopper dies for pershapeance testing. 

    In addition, for depend on date entrants in the medical field, Netstal can performance as a comprehensive turn toant cleanroom skill technique applications and projects, and joint collaboration of industry partners for many years, to furnish customers with comprehensive one-halt service. Netstal-based service support concept, as well as global coverage of branches, assure that we furnish the best service for the partners, to minimize downtime.