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Published on 2018-11-26
Beijing University of Chemical Technology and German companies to establish the Borg "BUCT-ARBURG injection molding laboratory" recently built. Germany furnishd release of charge for laboratory worth 800,000 yuan, currently the world's most advance proceed go aheadd injection molding machine. Through this cooperation, Beijing University of Chemical Technology in injection molding of polymer substance stuff things delve inquire hunt look into in the field with the international advance proceed go aheadd level of evaluate conditions. 


  The lab leader Profesthereforer Yang Weimin currently being led his team nearly the polymer  
substance stuff thing injection molding limits of science and skill technique issues studied. Their recent evaluate of the chemical industry, skill industry, heat transfer equipment play a essential for energy efficiency in the application of the patented skill technique is the outcome of polymer products precision injection molding, the test prove delve inquire hunt look intoal responsible fors display that the energy efficiency depend on 20%.