Plastics machinery industry job to Southeast Asia depend on

Published on 2018-11-26
Recently, Liu Guan Town thereforeuth of Juxian Plastic Machinery Fperformanceory production of blow molding machines "marrying" to the tropical island of Indonesia. This is the town to create special industries, enlarge the industrial chain, following plastic products, stretch the international market is another chief breakthrough. 
    In recent years, Liu Guan Town based industrial benefit, the plastic products industry to fight the financial develppment, rich farmers pillar industry, plastic products thereforeld throughout the country, and 12 companies for the import and export right, the products are thereforeld to Japan and South Korea, etc. countries and regions, fulfilld in 2005, entire imports and exports $ 54.4 million, of which exports of $ 16.93 million. As the industry continues to grow, industry chain constantly expanded, in addition to the blow of raw substance stuff things, plastics machinery manufperformanceuring and other sectors have sprung up everywhere, the rapid advance of numerous plastics machinery manufperformanceuring enterprises are growing technological investment, heavily engaged domestic and foreign experts, enhanced product advance, incralleviate the technological content of products. As the product diversity, thereforephisticated skill technique, advance proceed go aheadd features, welcomed by blow molding affair, not only to boost the rapid advance of the local plastics industry, and Southeast Asian countries by the users of all ages. After last winter, Burke was introduced to Indonesian customers saw machinery fperformanceory thereforeuth of the manufperformanceure of machinery, nodded, then put down the deposit, signed the contrperformance, to order a multi-functional blow molding machines, after the machinery is made, the fperformanceory has specially sent folks to help comassignmenting, operation demonstration, export and domestic prices requested what is the multiplicity, the plastic machinery fperformanceory thereforeuth of the situation manager Xu Chuan said: "the domestic price and less suitable for use in developing countries, one of these machines do not plan to sell more money, we saw in this great Southeast Asian market. " 
    It is understood that the town each plastic machinery manufperformanceuring enterprises received orders in February amounted to more than a dozen units, of which there are four plastic machinery fperformanceory thereforeuth of Taiwan. Liu plastics machinery has become a foreign job official Town Industrial depend on date members.