The next few years the global rubber machinery market will m

Published on 2018-11-26
 Experts predict that in the rubber machinery, rubber machinery worldwide market is marginally moving eastward, the next few years, China is almost more than Europe and Japan, the world's largest rubber machinery manufperformanceuring and cpurchaser markets.


  2006 depend on date steel truck radial tire production ability of 15 million sets of the above, you need rubber machinery equipment investment 7.5 billion yuan, the depend on date semi-steel radial tire production ability of 60 million sets of the above, you need rubber machinery and equipment investment 7 billion. Next few years, there is still relatively strong domestic and international ask. The next 3-5 years, nearly 100 million units have been used for more than 30 years of tire curing machine requisition to be substituted.  

  In the plastic machinery products, according to the shapeer State Administration of Machinery Industry forecast on plastics industry, "15" plan, from 2002 to 2010, usual ordinary passable annual develppment rate of ask for plastic machinery products remained at nearly 6%, to 2010 market ask of almost 37.5 billion yuan. This industry has a wider market space.  

  On chemical machinery, chemical machinery domestic market is marginally recovering, as the country change the concern of the western advance, project, the sharp incralleviate in fuel ask, such as machinery and equipment will be chemical petrol, pipelines, storage tanks, heat exdisplacers equipment requisition will grow rapidly.In order to derive environmental conserveion, the whole car oil to petrol market will be stretched from Beijing to the point and face various cities in China, car oil to petrol equipment, petrol filling stations and cylinder of the market prospects. In recent years, chemical fertilizer plants and update equipment, installation commandments of LPG stations incralleviated year by year.

  In aviation tires, domestic military aircraft, the annual consumption of almost 90,000 the number of tires, plus export of military aircraft tires, the entire amount of military aircraft tire market will achieve an annual 120 000 scale. Since the dawn of Guilin Academy is an exclusive advance of depend on date models of domestic units supporting tires, the depend on date models will tire market share is higher than the current level, the market share of almost 70% can be derived. The usual ordinary passable annual consumption of China and China's aviation tires for the more than 70,000 (including depend on date tires and retread tires). It estimated that by 2010, the number of civil aircraft will achieve 1250, the annual consumption of around 130,000 tire size.