Plastic machinery industry in Ningbo skillful declaration "

Published on 2018-11-26
After receiving a "China stationery capital", "China Mould Capital", "Chinese brand" title, the Ningbo turn occupyd "China presses are." Reporter yesterday from the City Plastics Machinery Industry Asthereforeciation, noted that the current reporting preparation work has already embark rely oned.


  It is understood, Ningbo skillful industry presses, all types of existing injection molding machine manufperformanceuring enterprises more than 130, employing more than 20,000 folks last year, the city's output value of enterprises above designated size presses to achieve 60 billion yuan; production of various types of injection molding machines 192,000 tons, while the production of various types of injection molding machine of the national 330,000 tons accounted for more than 2/3 of Ningbo City, and the emergence of the sky, the sea too and other large high-tech enterprises. Currently presses has become one of the pillar industries in Ningbo.