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Plastic crisis sweeps across the whole world 7 billion tons of rubbish reclaim only one into

Published on 2018-03-27

As industrialized ceaseless development, the mankind is more and more serious to environmental destruction. Not only the forest decreases ceaselessly, climate is heated, plastic wait cannot degradation rubbish is increasing also. According to round-the-world network news, global each district is at present right of plastic rubbish reclaim rate is extremely low, build 7 billion tons of rubbish to reclaim to be become only, every second has 3400 plastic bottle to be discarded, every year 8 million

The product selectives examination related Kunming city food model of the 44% plastic sample that pack is changed the agent exceeds bid

Published on 2018-01-19

Recently, bureau of qualitative inspect of city of Yunnan province Kunming produces quality quantity to supervise related provision of the 2nd quarter selective examination to monitored working circumstance to undertake a bulletin with risk early-warning. The bulletin shows, the food product that pack is overall this year the case is good last year, but, model changes an agent still is plastic the main and safe hidden trouble that the product that pack exists. What the product points to related

Environmental protection superintend and director is checked, various places the current situation of plastic plant

Published on 2018-01-19

One, calm south Recently, calm south the staff member is in bureau of prefectural environmental protection to execute the law daily in check out procedure, discover reservoir of ceremony go smoothly has a plastic and broken processing factory downstream, because do not have annulus to evaluate batch of formalities, extremely why to pollute establishment of prevention and cure, be suspected of an environment breaking the law. Accordingly, calm south bureau of prefectural environmental protection

Skill saves diver of chelonian card larynx to be dragged from inside the mouth 20 centimeters long plastic

Published on 2018-01-19

Does environmental pollution have to marine biologic influence how old? Heart of instructor Sa Yi pulls university of British Bern Mao Si the come across that rare heart dives in the Red Sea can tell you. According to introducing, sayide dived in the Red Sea that day when, discover two turtle chelonian is eating jellyfish, he is stood by then among them a female chelonian took a few pieces of pictures that it eats. Back-to-back his discovery because this chelonian is plastic block throat to brin

Machinery of the navigate that print builds large and plastic 3D model

Published on 2018-01-19

Plastic print with 3D having close relationship, data side is the most welcome include PLA material, have the relatively inferior challenge that print. Other composite material can be used at more advanced application, have better mechanical performance. One of solutions with the 3D banner industry that print are large 3D is printed. The large 3D printer of plastic product basically is based on melt to push a technology, craft is reliable, be used easily and safeguard. Appeared now an apparent t

Qingdao destroys two smuggling to abandon plastic etc gang

Published on 2017-12-12

On November 7 before dawn 6 when, in custom total arrange unites direct to fall, qingdao custom begins blow solid trash to contraband blue sky the 3rd round of concentration of special operation is hit, destroy gang of trash of two smuggling solid in all, arrest guilty suspect two, the spot is checked buckle smuggling to abandon scoria 401.197 tons, check smuggling is abandoned plastic 49.83 tons, check buckle evidence of card of a batch of books, electron. Via checking, the factitious seek such

Every year about 8 million tons of plastic rubbish are entered marine

Published on 2017-12-12

Now, marine pollution already was global environmental problem. According to estimation, every year about 8 million tons of plastic rubbish enter ocean, add up entirely can circle the earth 420 rounds. More than 50 kinds of fish are in by discovery edible is plastic rubbish. The expert is forecasted, 2050, the plastic likelihood in earthly ocean is more than fish. The Luo Atan island of Caribbean, ever was called to dive lover heaven, offing is accumulated by bedding face however nowadays plasti

Drinking cup replaces plastic cup: Lose in clay meeting by degradation

Published on 2017-12-11

Plastic pollution is people attention problem all the time, cup of one-time plastic water also became the focal point that people pays close attention to because of its catholicity nature. It is reported, foreign undergraduate invention gave eatable cup to replace one-time plastic cup. If water cup can be accomplished but degradation is good, be based on this, abroad has an undergraduate to be designed but degradation and the water cup that can take, say according to the report, parson designs A

Ba Sifu research and development is light quantify material to help force car development

Published on 2017-12-11

According to estimation, to 2020, the pure report motor-car, 5% 8% that mixes motor-car and the crop that insert electric type to mix motor-car to will hold car total output. Car manufacturer is main and at present dedicated at lengthening the add boat course of development, technology that reduces cost in order to attract common the person that drive. In June, woerwo announces Swedish car manufacturer, since 2019 the banner finishs all new models will dynamoelectric change, revealed this compan

Cheng Xi abstruse in Holand Tai Erne ever opened new research and development center

Published on 2017-11-13

Global data vendor fills happiness abstruse announced on September 27, in Holand Tai Erne ever opened a center of new research and development, as future investment rose one share. According to Cheng Xi abstruse president holds presiding apparitor Christopher Pappas concurrently to say, this project devotes oneself to to bring better service for European client. New establishment will combine the center of European plastic development of the company, form chain of supply and demand. The product

The car such as material of the nylon that print uses 3D plastic enter develop period flourishingly

Published on 2017-11-12

Develop as automobile industry, car dosage is quick and outspread, the car increases ceaselessly with plastic demand, among them the car such as material of polyurethane, nylon uses plastic market farther dilate. According to the report, plastic mart market prise was as high as golden brick Shikoku 2014 11244.4 1 million dollars, 2015-2020 year the anticipation between is compound year increase rate predicts to be able to be amounted to 15.4% . Up to 2020, global car is plastic the market is com

The scientist discovers the fungus that feed model or solve plastic litter processing difficult problem

Published on 2017-10-12

Plastic brought contaminative issue is problem of on environmental protection road one catastrophe all the time, plastic rubbish hard degradation. But, the scientific research group that formed by China and scientist of Pakistan two countries recently discovered one kind can decompose plastic fungus recently, this bacterium plants use the processing way that changes plastic litter thoroughly likely. The report says, researcher is in Pakistan the capital discovers in the Tophet of Mohammedan fort

Independent company plan adjusts business below Du Bangqi of contented family name

Published on 2017-10-12

The government announces to be less than two weeks, company of Du Bang of contented family name will change his to plan the business structure of 3 independent companies. Headquarters is located in Mixiegen the company of Du Bang of contented family name of city Mi Delan held a press conference on September 12, say in view of trade the acknowledge that after announcing, obtains, material science and technology and company of special type product will undertake the adjustment of a few specific ai

Plastic auxiliary -- mould inhibitor

Published on 2017-10-12

Mould inhibitor bases: Activator of ramification of season ammonium salt, Ka Song, surface, synergist. Can prevent microbial cause mildewy drug. Have phenol kind, chloric phenol kind, organic mercury salt, organic copper salt, organic stannum salt, reach mercury of inorganic salt bluestone, chloridize, fluorine to change sodium to wait. Use at plastic, balata, textile, paint and insulating material to wait. A kind of commonly used plastic auxiliary is in plastic industry. Mould inhibitor a few p

Shandong bank state shuts stop useless old plastic mill to return to green water green hill

Published on 2017-10-12

Bai Qiang, red tile, greenery, clean air, neat village, shandong province bank state city bank Liu aunt of 67 years old did not think of Guo Zicun of Liu of Xue Zhen of willow of the city zone, of the village useless old plastic reclaim treatment mill closes after stopping one year, the environment that oneself live can happen so about-face. These year, liu Guo Zicun has many villagers to be engaged in abandoning old plastic reclaim and plastic smash treatment, peculiar smell of formation noise,

Farming store, informatization agriculture platform welcomes your affiliation

Published on 2017-10-12

However, our country traditional agriculture also is put in structure of door of Ministry of Agriculture more onefold, scale of production lesser, management and manufacturing technology still effect of ecosystem of more backward, agriculture economy of low, goods is weaker wait for a lot of problem, the road that transition of traditional agriculture trend upgrades already was no time to delay. Since put forward 2015 Internet + since the strategy, the government has published a series of policy

Import policy is tightened up again, useless plastic supply of goods will be more close be short of

Published on 2017-10-12

Policy comes on stage thick and fast related the near future, enough sees decision-making layer silver coin in order to prohibit rubbish enters a country for breach, clear the determination that rectifies second birth to use an industry to machine pollution is very sturdy. Ban dead file according to what Chinese government refers to WTO, useless plastic entrance will be in life source begin to carry out by 2017, what can observe nevertheless is, the adjustment of relevant policy been spreadingin

British new edition 10 pound plastic bill is formal and current

Published on 2017-10-12

? On September 14, british new edition 10 pound are plastic money general is formal and current, imprinting on this piece of money the picture when the Si Ting of authoress Jian Ao of 19 centuries is young, she also is stepdaughter after Wang Zhi, the 2nd is imprinted to go up the British female of money. A netizen speaks say, after the decision takes off Europe, money of this piece of 10 pound is worth 9 pound only nowadays. And the times in Jianaosiding, 10 pound are equivalent to todays 1000

Tall canal of stage look forward to fills in to Ma Sazhu the university 3D lab that print contributes 1 million dollars

Published on 2017-10-12

The president that the Taiwan of one wife and children high end notes model aircraft company to its alma mater- campus of ell of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of university of Ma Sazhu a place of strategic importance contributed million dollar, basically use at 3D is printed and shaping quickly lab. The president Lin Jianxiang of the Inc. of Zong Wei industry of new north city, from Ma Sazhu campus of ell of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of university of

Arrive from supply and demand the price: Polyolefin market of China of second half of the year ground 2017 sentence

Published on 2017-09-25

Polyolefin market condition was analysed 2016 Market of raw material ethylene 2016, home is oily base ethylene is produced can 17.97 million tons, among them 4 suit already arrived as a result of fixed number of year and buy closes temporarily stop, coal radical ethylene is produced can 4.495 million tons, aggregate twenty-two million four hundred and sixty-five thousand tons. Additional, oil radical ethylene produces per year a quantity 18.03 million tons, grow 3.6% . In oil increase production

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