By CNC age into the era of intelligent packaging machinery industry

Published on 2020-09-08

In recent years, the numerical control equipment has become an important development trend, the United States, Japan, Germany and other developed countries attach great importance to developing the high-end packaging technology and equipment, and to emphasize with numerical control technology to upgrade traditional packaging equipment manufacturing industry.For the foreseeable future, medicine, food and packing machinery industry will be made by numerical control age into the era of intelligence.Numerical control technology is to use digital information technology and the working process of mechanical motion control technology, numerical control equipment is a representative of the depth of information technology and mechanical technology integration.Packaging equipment manufacturing industry in our country after more than ten years of development, the proportion of high-end CNC equipment in the domestic market, has formed the strong innovation ability, laid a solid foundation for further advance equipment numerical control.The ministry of industry and information technology, Chinese academy of engineering, to make the & other nc generation & throughout; equipment innovation engineering plan of action, plan for 2011 & ndash;& ndash;In 2020.Food and packing machinery industry was listed in the project, a plan of action.Pharmaceutical packaging machinery also can seize the opportunity, to seek new development.Implement & other;CNC generation & throughout;Equipment innovation engineering is in all kinds of drugs, food machinery and packaging equipment on the application of digital control technology, integrated innovation a number of numerical control equipment, upgrading equipment performance, and functions, or even fundamental changes, and then promote the transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry.With the change of the national economy development pattern and the rising cost of human resources in our country such as the change of the economic development environment, high efficiency, low consumption of equipment in such aspects as clean and functional performance and put forward the higher request, the upgrading of the current equipment is imminent.Relevant enterprises to take advantage of the industry become the era of numerical control of numerical control technology and the application of digital control technology, promote medicine package industry depth of industrialization and information fusion, realize perfect transformation.