Assemble of machine tool of numerical control of saddle hill

Published on 2020-09-08

Rich of saddle hill city hopes assemble of machine tool of numerical control of high end of development of estate of new and high technology develops experiment base to was approved via government of people of the Anhui province in August 2016, be located in rich of saddle hill city to visit an area, it is the Anhui province east to development strategy arrowhead the most topmost, pure water of Jiang Ning, Li, high with Nanjing 3 areas be as close as lips and teeth, without seam conterminous, it is the Anhui province leads to the long triangle such as Su Zhehu to develop the significant faction of the area and carry on the bridgehead that the industry transfers. Base has machine tool and company of blade mould dominant nearly 800, the course develops for years, formed it is core with mould of machine tool of high-end numerical control, blade, new material of mechanical fittings and special type alloy develops way for the industry of form a complete set, the industry such as equipment of mould of most advanced and machine tool of numerical control of intelligence of key development high end, accurate blade, intelligence, it is the whole nation 4 cut greatly fold a machine tool to produce one of base. Product of base advantage machine tool marchs toward numerical control to change stage by stage, high speed is changed, large change, change into group thread, the research and development that at the same time burgeoning product is like the decisive component such as drive of machining center of compressor of laser beam cutting machine, high speed, numerical control, accurate grinder and numerical control system, servo, production, sale obtains materiality to break through. At present main product has base the blade mould of the plane shear, machine that fold a turn, laser beam cutting machine, grinder, milling machine and form a complete set, cut fold industry of mould of machine tool, blade to occupy countrywide market proportion to amount to at present 30% , 25% . Base key is bred around what pay bibcock backbone company, pay the industrial assemble, promotion that pays a technology, the transition that pays a company upgrades, drive base to do do greatly strong. In city of hill of production limited company of machine tool of the East China Sea of Anhui of base bibcock enterprise, saddle inferior the business that machine tool production limited company all cuts before folding machine tool industry to rank 5 for home; The intelligence of 5D of Shenyang machine tool that introduce is made share numerical control of machine tool of the nicety on cereal, ferry, black cropland to shape the project such as grinder, abounded base product category, promoted base industry effectively the standard. Base has national class machine mass is supervised examine center of center, heat treatment of provincial cutting tool, machine tool is overall research center of data of heat treatment center, hard alloy, 3D prints a batch of communal technologies such as innovation center to serve platform; Introduced Shanghai traffic university, university of industry of academy of equipment of numerical control of hill of saddle of engineering courtyard of center of research and development of machine tool of numerical control of high end of saddle Shan Bowang, Nanjing, Hefei, saddle academy of equipment of intelligence of Shan Bowang automation produce learn to grind platform already produced effect, formed research and development of machine tool product, design, detect wait for system of all-around public service platform. Around dominant industry position, in capital attraction process, introduce associated class machine tool to make an item on one hand, the key introduces machining center of milling machine of punching machine, grinder, boring, numerical control to wait for product supply a gap; On the other hand the key introduces generator of bearing, slideway, laser to wait for crucial component project, rely on demand of this locality market and ability of form a complete set, realize the extension of industrial catenary, drive company diversity to turn production. Future, base general around ” make big gross, promotion quality, fall into disuse backward, fill neat short board ” train of thought, exert oneself is bred recommend company of a batch of bibcock, transform promotion a batch of traditional industries, wash out a batch to lag behind produce can, introduce a batch of communal platform, education talent of a batch of innovation, strive to build become innovation of the whole nation’s top-ranking science and technology of machine tool of high-end numerical control and industrial assemble base.