On the whole world 1000 machine tool manufacturers be about t

Published on 2019-12-10

Association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool announces at the same time, exhibition of machine tool of numerical control of the 10th China will in April 2018 9-13 day is in Shanghai new international reads extensively the center is held, and current exhibit the theme of the meeting to be ” focusing — · of digital · interconnection wisdom go to ” . According to introducing, up to now, share the tool of more than 1200 machine tool that comes from 23 countries such as China, Germany, United States, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, England, Korea and area ginseng signing up exhibits industry manufacturer, business is postponed outside the condition among them more than 500, exhibit an area to occupy than amounting to 40% , increase nearly 5 percent than on one, course of study of demonstrative condition foreign enterprise is spent to the attention of Chinese market with participate in degree of farther promotion. In addition, the machine tool association of 10 countries such as Germany, United States, Switzerland, Italy, Korea, Spain, Japan, Czech, France and Chinese Taiwan and area and trade hurried orgnaization exhibit the organization round ginseng, among them France is to form a delegation first ginseng exhibit. The reporter understands, exhibit during the meeting, inc. of the numerical control in Wuhan China will reveal two intelligent workshops that are based on system of homebred numerical control entirely to digitlize production plan, one apply mechanically is made at the mould, one apply mechanically is made at mobile terminal, all be Chinese edition industry the outstanding and typical delegate of 4. In addition, 3D can inspect canal of digitlization workshop intelligence to accuse plan of innovation of confluence of system, man-machine to wait to will be in exhibit appear one by one on the meeting, present the digitlization with newest industry to make, the technical achievement of the respect such as production system of information interconnection solution and intelligence.