You whether oversight does automatic fill hold peanut oil the

Published on 2018-11-26

Before machine of automatic fill outfit is using peanut oil, the technical personnel guidance that can have major normally is operated, tell a variety of one states that in issueing unit process of cargo bandling, encounter, offer to the user groom and use a method simply, after if the user is written down,not be clear about a note, how should do again? Simple peanut oil is below the note in use process of machine of automatic fill outfit. Dtx03kh 1, because peanut oil is automatic,fill outfit machine is to belong to automation machine, because this pulls bottle, bottle easily,dimension of mat, cap asks to unite. Pneumatic of the observation before going to work everyday combines 2 couplet moisture filter is angry implement with oily mist implement, if seeper passes to should eliminate in time more, fat face should be cheered in time not quite 2, mechanical part often should watch in production, see roll, litre it is normal to fall, have as good as constant, bolt has without become loose. Machine of roll of handle of shake one’s hand in disapproval must be used first before driving, look carefully at its roll is discrepant shape, really the ascertain can drive again normally. 3, every time after fill outfit machine undertakes adjustment, must have tightened has loosened screw, after with handle of shake one’s hand in disapproval rotational machine looks carefully at its movement to whether accord with a requirement, just can drive. Often check equipment ground wire, osculatory requirement is reliable; Often sweep balance stage; Examination pneumatic pipeline has without flat, tracheal whether burst 4, when adjusting a machine, the tool should be used proper, forbidden with cross big tool or dismantle a part too suddenly forcibly parts or influence machine function. Decelerate Electromechanical machine changes every year lube (fat) , check chain degree of tightness, adjust tension in time 5. Consecutive run time everyday 10 hours the following, assure the regular job of the cleanness of cooling water and water pump, cannot make electric machinery of water main shaft appears absolutely the phenomenon that lack water, time change cooling water, in order to avoid water lukewarm exorbitant. If winter works environmental temperature is too low can change the water inside cistern into antifreeze. 6 do very clean and wholesome work, maintain machine surface cleanness, often keep clear of on balance put oneself in another’s position indigestion makings, the attention keeps electronic-controlled the cleanness inside ark. The key notices to be sure to keep in mind 1: When defending bit of be careful in one’s conduct, should cut off breaker or unplug power source outlet, when preventing to order check, get an electric shock, burn and harm. Be sure to keep in mind 2: When ordering check, compress airy pressure to answer will be 0, must affirm pressure already fell 0 hind ability is decomposed disassemble the component that compresses air side circumstance. Oily kind demand is met as the development of the times year after year rises, to oil kind the development of fill outfit machine also removed certain propulsion action. Peanut oil is automatic fill holds engine oil kind fill outfit machine is producing fill more wide extensive is used in outfit, and the character that use detail issue matters to an enterprise to produce and fill outfit efficiency, the note that above is machine of outfit of automatic to peanut oil fill lists just a little, the hope can help you.