Large quantities of 5 grain fluid, 5 grain spring Lanzhou of

Published on 2019-12-10

In March 2017, the attention that a strange phenomenon caused Sichuan police —— large quantities of 5 grain fluid, 5 grain spring wine packs material to shed storehouse to send from a content of Chengdu to Gansu Province Lanzhou. Dog through whole journey monitoring, one is made, of the entire chain such as content shedding, sale make carry out sham the guilty chain of wine of 5 grain fluid by layer upon layer pare. “ defends a platoon to check through crouching, we are in Lanzhou, silver in succession fish 5 sham the gang making a holiday of 5 grain fluid. ” handles a case policeman introduction, the still feature of shelter of production, storage and place are engaged in false wine selling door store of fish of a platoon, the three-layer crime network that “ basically covered outfit of fill of wine of sale of the material that pack, finished product and terminal sale. ”On May 16, 2017, police is peddled to be being made 5 times when early days investigates discovery sham gang of 5 grain fluid and feature of shelter of 33 production, storage are unified launch operation controlling a network, seize with Li Xiao some, person of ”35 of the home below the head of 5 when Li Mou, He Meng, Pan Mou heads gangs that make a holiday, member and its “ , punishment arrest 13 people, demolish 33 when be located in the area of Lanzhou the area just outside a city gate, county in area, Yu originallying on the west and silver city make point of check of false, storage, the business that carries wine of 4 sales false go under sb else’s name is spread, block 5459 bottles of renown actor white spirit that capture a holiday on the spot, make false former wine 2496 kilograms, the packing material such as bottle, designation of trade marks 17510, rivet is machine of gun, gland, hot frit gun, silk imprints board etc make a holiday provide 47, experience record amount more than yuan 25.67 million. Police reminds, because make false passport be renovated ceaselessly, liquor of more and more ” of “ Gao Fang enter the market, a lot of false wine are not professional personage to cannot discern, the proposal buys liquor not to want covet petty gain, exceed in large trade, brand shop, agency office is bought.