The trend that cosmetic bottle packs changes

Published on 2019-12-10

Cosmetic bottle is packed, have in recent years begin to tend simplifying trend. In the past, manufacturer all the time high end costly the standard that packs as cosmetic bottle will carry out. As the change of the development of the market and people sense, cosmetic bottle is packed began to have very big change. They pay attention to the youth of new generation more of individuation pack, more environmental protection and simple exterior are instantly cosmetic bottle packs brand-new form. On the material that pack, the PET material that can reclaim is the first selection that cosmetic bottle packs character. On the exterior the youth pays attention to personalized design more. As the development of the market, this kind of trend that bottle packs prospective cosmetic will be clearer and clearer, adjust the production in the past and design concept to cosmetic bottle manufacturer, very be necessary.