Day cat opens express to pack box advertisement the ad indust

Published on 2019-08-15

One, day cat opens express to pack box advertisement the ad industry that pack greets supermarket of cat of day of good chance   to be at the beginning of this year January cooperate with amusement, the gold advertisement that gets on express box the thematic sale activity that opens amusement to do the Spring Festival, this also is day cat supermarket packs express box first this gold advertisement open tripartite. 2, pace of power system reform is accelerated hair change appoint will put development to plan   hair to change with report in order appoint economic system reforms department inspector integratedly when Wang Jiang is introducing power system to reform a circumstance, express, current, emulative power market already took shape, next hair change appoint will accelerate unlock business of cable matching carry out to social capital, draft timely come on stage to put development to plan with report in order. Disclose, 2017 first half of the year, be defeated by distribution price check and ratify to work to also will be finished in the round.