Chemical industry ton charter flight is accomplished easily &

Published on 2018-11-26

Ton bag packer calls large bag automatic packer, mensurable packer again, by litre fall equipment, say bag of heavy orgnaization, clip stops dirt unit, hang system of in bags buy, control to wait form, bags of big ration that can be used at farinaceous, graininess stock is packed, apply extensively at food, farming the domain such as deputy food, chemical industry, building materials. Why to say packer can save cost, solve accumulation problem? 1, have a variety of weighing that serious means offers an user to undertake choosing according to effective demand; 2, deserve to have carry secretly unit, can stock of means pink body rises in the process that pack; 3, deserve to have hang in bags buy, those who use is can release quickly but locking link up with or tubal shape hook; 4, deserve to have brace up make device (have pneumatic, dynamoelectric for the choice) , through brace up hit device to be able to undertake squeezing ramming, exhaust, facilitating stability stores, the load in carriage process; 5, the interior of fill head uses double deck bushing, when can beginning to move, to the bag bagging undertakes aerating, and be in fill up the air eduction inside bag can hold the bag again in the process. Zhengzhou makes rich limited company of constant science and technology is to pursue one of businesses of mensurable packer prior, our company have abundant technical power, advanced production, detect equipment, whole quality guarantee system and advanced administrative measure, product quality is stable and reliable, YH series is automatic and mensurable packer. If need can call 24 hours to seek advice from a hot line: Phone of firm of 18703885075 Zhao director: 0371-64948700 QQ: 1687865171 ton parameter of bag packer technology packs precision: Trends says heavy ±0.5% packs norms: 0.2T-2T/b job power source: Ac380V, 50Hz, 3KW enrages source pressure: 5-8Mpa air consumption: 0.6 M3/h relative humidity: ≤80% environment temperature – 10 pack speed to 40 ℃ : Grain 20T/h powder 15T/h packs bag of type: Of all kinds n wraps bagging 1. Ton bag packer is pink of the industrial chemicals that is aimed at powdery body stock and grain stock, dye, dye, gesso, carbon black, black lead, titanium white, dry mix the chemical industry such as mortar, building materials, metallurgy, respective characteristic and the demand with use diverse manufacturer, quantity body is custom-built, design and become. Equipment technology is advanced, wear well, fragile little. 2. The feed in raw material, stepless speed regulation that pack, equipment performance is steady, the precision that pack is tall, rate is rapid. 3. Use helix stepless speed regulation to give makings, 2 class of flow control charge fill way, enforce to expect direct fill holds the bag that pack by helix, deserve to appropriative removes dust interface, solved bag of n of powdery body stock to pack fill to hold the issue that difficult, dust collects not easily. Have metage fast, metric precision is tall, sealed had removed dust wait for an advantage. 4. The balance weighs a system by PLC or sheet piece engine order centralizes control, electronic balance is metric, but direct set place needs weight, have degree of finish to give makings set value, automatic flay, automatic school 0, automatic fall is amended, out of tolerance calls the police and breakdown is diagnosed oneself wait for a function. 5. Weighing heavy system is type of electronic balance platform balance metric, use number of full face plate to move school and parameter set, have weight accumulative total to show reach automatic flay, automatic school 0, automatic fall is amended wait for a function, sensitivity is tall, interference rejection capability is strong. 6. Appearance deserves to have communication interface, facilitate online couplet net, can have real time monitoring and network government to packer. Ton bag packer suitable scope is wide, the precision that pack is tall, ton bag packer performance is good, quality is high, use for broad client place. ★ guarantees content (one) guarantee freely fixed number of year: Every belongs to our company product, produce character to measure the breakdown of the product that reason place produces, since the day that all buys oneself by guarantee sheet guarantees year. (2) Fan Chao goes out one year, all press collect fees service, according to charge of spare parts of collection of breakdown state take into consideration the circumstances, calibration. (3) when the product has used 5 years to malfunction, our company as usual offers a service. (5) blame guarantee limits: Every belongs to installation, use, custodial and undeserved and those who cause trouble. Did not use power source by the regulation and cause trouble. Natural disaster, ground changes, rat suffers from, insect pest causes trouble. Disassemble by oneself those who cause trouble. [note] our company product buys day to rise to guarantee freely one year namely, lifelong dog service. In guarantee period inside, you need a phone only, we can remove trouble quickly in the shortest time, undertake maintaining to equipment regularly, safeguard.