Each function all amounts to machine tool of 3 base high end international is banner level

Published on 2020-09-08

“Communicate deepen understanding to create win-win sincerely — area under administration of 2018 year Dalian appears on the market the collective on company investor net recieves day ” mobile Zhou Si is held afternoon, general manager of 3 base stock holds Dong Bi Jin Bingduo concurrently to introduce on this second activity, the research and development that plastic conduit whole set basically pursues making equipment and machine tool of 5 axes high end since the company holds water oneself, design, production and sale, main product includes PE/PP to be in charge of automation product line, PVC to be in charge of machine tool of stand-alone of automation product line, numerical control, exact pattern and numerical control of 5 axes high end to wait. At present the company already grew make domestic scale technology of most all ready, production is in series of the biggest, breed the industry precedes control of Shuang Bibo grain builds one of equipment suppliers. In respect of high-end machine tool, each function of company product all achieved international banner level, with abroad congener product photograph is quite on the price have definite competitive advantage, compare with domestic competitor photograph, company product has competitive advantage on function of technology, product.