Error of geometry of three dimensional space of numerical control machine tool compensates a method

Published on 2018-11-26

0, forewordAs the ceaseless development of mechanical manufacturing industry, accurate treatment already made the main trend of modern manufacturing industry gradually, the error compensated a technology to also obtain rapid development accordingly. Error compensation has hardware compensation and software to compensate strategy of 2 kinds of compensation. Hardware compensates special sex stronger, in the development; with did not get domestic and internationally better software compensates a versatility stronger, domestic and internationally a lot of scholars undertook study to its. Y. Y. Hsu and S. S. The person such as Wang put forward error of a kind of new 5 axes machine tool to compensate the method that solve Ou, calculate respectively the error that gives machine tool axis of rotation and mobile axis, apply in processing of machine tool postposition, obtained optimized NC program; Ibaraki to wait put forward error of geometry of much axis machine tool to measure new method, finish an error to compensate the person such as; Feng Huo to be on the foundation of the system that considered to affect outline milling to machine precision influencing factor, analysed the compensation method of each element, and experimental test and verify the feasibility; that compensates a method is in home, in the function of athletic error compensation that He Zhenya is studying to PMAC gets stuck, realized the visible analysis to error of machine tool space and compensation with Matlab. The person such as Wang Wei put forward a kind to include geometrical error and the integrated error that heat up an error to establish modular method, the coordinate that uses numerical control system slants buy order, have real time online compensation, the effect; Han Fei with was obtained better flies wait for a person to use error of machine tool geometry to analyse a way, detect through laser interferometer machine tool each error, the law of error of different job interval that discovered each athletic rods and some axis, promote a machine tool to machine precision from this. Method of compensation of error of space of machine tool of domestic most numerical control is very at present difficult truly as compositive as numerical control system, it is simple ground gives treatment the course error map only, compensation effect is not quite ideal. Accordingly, be necessary to compensate dimensional error the function to embed in numerical control system, of implementation and numerical control system compositive, rise to use gender, real time sex and dependability actually. The system in article studied error of three dimensional space of numerical control machine tool compensates a method, stress the working principle that studied different compensation method, the error that put forward to be based on data of interpolation of numerical control system compensates a method, raised precision of numerical control machine tool effectively. 1, three-dimensional geometry error compensates numerical control machine tool methodError of common three dimensional space of numerical control machine tool compensates a method to basically have the following kinds. 1) NC code revises compensation methodBelow the influence of error of numerical control machine tool, if be opposite according to ideal NC code,the spare parts undertakes processing an existence machining error, machine the influence of the process to eliminate error of numerical control machine tool to be opposite, can undertake correction to NC code, undertake machining to workpiece with the numerical control machine program after amending, realize the compensation of error of numerical control machine tool thereby. If the graph is shown 1 times,compensate flow chart, in inputting NC code the error to compensate software, make way of ideal cutting tool next, forecast a model to undertake correction to method of ideal cutting tool according to error compensation, get contrail of actual cutting tool method, generate the NC code after amending finally. This method has favorable effect to the compensation of error of geometry of numerical control machine tool. Compensation method of NC of 2) interface type errorMethod of compensation of interface type NC error is the error value that will calculate model computation to get by the error, overlay arrives the interpolation process of numerical control system. Main job principle is as follows: Compensate interface through specific error, NC system will be current each parameter of the machine tool (parameter of machine tool position and cutting tool information) deliver an error to forecast a model, forecast model computation to give corresponding error to be worth feedback to give NC the system through the error, NC system undertakes handling to error value, create new numerical control program, realize the compensation of the error. If pursue,2 are shown.    Graph instruction of treatment of 1 numerical control amends compensation sketch map  Graph sketch map of compensation of NC of 2 interface type error distributes a page: 1234