Full automatic of ticket printing machine maintain recipe

Published on 2018-11-26

? As social development, economy grows quickly, full automatic ticket printing machine throws label to presswork quickly industry, production gives the trade mark of full of beautiful things in eyes, promote commodity itself, have graven effect. But also have a lot of every year full automatic ticket printing machine, because the operation is undeserved,perhaps do not understand maintain, the machine appears various problems, cause a loss, come with astronomy data pile probably. Our ticket printing machine operates personnel society, how to go operate and maintaining full automatic ticket printing machine, be very be necessary. Below as the machinery that establish letter together communicative full automatic ticket printing machine maintains method. 1. Keep full automatic cleanness of ticket printing machine is full automatic ticket printing machine, pressworking in the process, long meeting is accompanied when have wastepaper, you do not clear it, it can be mixed as conveyer belt presswork the platform of place and a few rotate to turn partly go in athletic position, hold off photoelectricity to detect first, cause black-and-white error, cause machine error not only, cause black-and-white error, final meeting appears a lot of semi-manufactured goods. It is the bank of alleged “ a thousand li really, break through ” of Yu Yi acupuncture point! Ask everybody full automatic attention of staff member of ticket printing machine, tiny issue, cannot careless. 2. To full automatic ticket printing machine retains “ vigor”As a result of full automatic now ticket printing machine is average rate is very rapid, accordingly we are added to it constantly lubricant, hold machine part movement is clear and coherent, avoid the loss of the machine. Cheer quality to want to notice, can add Shull, Omoara100 to protect active drive share. But change lube to also have a demand, 3 month change new machine, old machine notices to maintain, a month is changed. 3. Ticket is senior see trouble, how to eliminate mechanical failure, common wastepaper drops a machine in, accumulate more fraise, prevent a machine to run normally. We can be in full automatic the axial lever of ticket printing machine procrastinates move, turn platform next on ultimate dot, assure platform and on static between equidistance. Above is small make up accumulate about full automatic of ticket printing machine maintain method, depend on Zhu Jun sharing, more concise, wish everybody can be harvested quite abundant.