Electric business times brings gold of the market that pack period

Published on 2020-09-08

The American driving growth as a result of online and retail sale, electronic business affairs packs the demand of box to predict to increase the proportion with exceeding 10% every year, predict to will reach 1.1 billion dollar to 2020, this will bring opportunity for business of wrapping paper box. Come from TheFreedoniaGroup the name is ” business affairs of American retail electron packs the market ” these and other trend will be shown in studying a report. 2015, 28% what paper box occupies electronic business affairs to pack demand gross. Express according to analyst EstherPalevsky: “ is online the proportion that shopping convenience sex and speed will make shop to be occupied in the place in retail sale total share on the net continues to rise, prompt paper box demand thereby. ” in addition, consumer is passed online order large commodity to become more convenience, it is large commodity wrapping paper thereby box brings more market share. On the net retail will still be the biggest paper case drains the market. The paper box demand of more than 95% generates by corrugated box, odd part basically is to point to fold paper box. Fold paper box uses as custom-built paper box, its include various goods and the exterior very high end, once content is used or move after dividing, these paper box will be used to make memory case. Market of custom-built paper box also will drive the demand of corrugated box, subdue Wu company apt to use the custom-built paper case that has high quality graph or custom-built foldout surely especially, it is better to experience in order to make the “ of consumer opens box ” . Foreign since is such, the domestic market that pack also is demand likewise exuberant. Show according to data of research center of Chinese electron business affairs, market of Chinese electron business affairs traded 2016 dimensions 20.2 trillion yuan, grow 23.6% , among them the network shops grow 23.9% . Electric business grows circulation of caused supply and demand, enlarged the market share of paper box factory, drove paper to pack the prosperity of the market. As we have learned, our country packs an industry year total output value with average and annual the speed of 20% increases by degrees. Paper packs the demand of the industry to rise to unprecedented level, global look focusing expands the fastest, scope in this the biggest, China paper that has latent capacity most packs the market. Paper box very accept market favour, the key depends on its weight light, low-cost, style is much, presswork function of convenient, physics is concise and admirable, easy, satisfied the development requirement that green packs, also solved the problem that the litter that pack pollutes to the environment. The enterprise that pack wants to seize market opportunity in electric business times, be about to hold to technical innovation, demand of ceaseless and contented market undertakes design and be developinged.