2017 treat haze to continue to raise the price of the commodities, in small papermaking, presswork the enterprise that pack receives historical final exam

Published on 2018-11-26

The people of the area of Beijing ferry Ji De when bend over of ” of haze of body defect “ is good not easy get over difficult at breath 11, in December, greeted a person to walk along the Spring Festival of the traditional Chinese calendar that the factory rests. Result, decrease in acute of this wagon flow, shutdown of many building site, countless pack presswork wait for an enterprise the day of off type stop production, beijing still is enveloped by the heavy haze that spend mist. Presswork to papermaking for the enterprise that pack, although the mist haze of the Spring Festival has returned this one industry more or less with innocence, haze of mist of Dan Zaichun section presses the circumstance of the city to fall, environmental protection branch raises the price of the commodities continuously mist haze processing has been final, of Gu of power only power in small papermaking, presswork the enterprise that pack already cannot him dictate destiny. The papermaking of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct back boiler, pack presswork enterprise   dusk like that turn one’s head, the parcel is small make up discovery, in 3 years of time in the past, those who be in weak power position is medium small papermaking, pack reach presswork the enterprise is miserable a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct back boiler that made mist haze. Be in early in October 2013, the country is locked up in mist haze, the capital changes “ head under the pressure of poisonous ” , environmental protection branch began punish of environmental protection key, those who be located in and other places of Heibei, Beijing is medium or small the company that papermaking enterprise becomes first stop production. After this, increase ceaselessly as the force of mist haze, of stop production in small papermaking company expands to province of Henan, Shandong, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Guangdong, brought about paper value finally to shoot up, the situation that one paper begs hard. In November 2016, industry media coverage says, beijing may ask to presswork the factory moves Beijing, mean Beijing 60 thousand presswork person general must far take a place far away form home. And the huge investment that Beijing brings Mu division to throw 12 million yuan to reduce VOCs to discharge also sheds Fu Zhidong. In Henan, the paperboard mill of boiler of coal fired of Zhengzhou much home is forced stop production, bring about run out of grain of a large number of factory of box of 3 class paper. In Chengdu, a few large and medium-sized the factory that pack is undertaken by the requirement environmental protection is rectified and reform. Be in bead trigonometry, the thunderbolt action of environmental protection branch brings about business of many paper box to come home ahead of schedule directly spend the New Year. Beijing ferry look forward to treated haze to continue to raise the price of the commodities 2017     2017 is “ air last years when the first phase carries out 10 ” , ensure achieve “ air satisfactorily extremely urgent of assignment of 10 ” goal. In area of Beijing ferry look forward to, 2016, beijing PM2.5 year all chroma is every stere 73 microgramme, exceed national level 109% . Beijing should finish the “2017 that “ air sets in 10 ” year PM2.5 year all chroma achieves every stere the task of 60 microgramme ” , mean should be in this year dropped again on the foundation 2016 nearly 20% . Beijing mayor Cai Ji put forward a few days ago, 2017 is to fulfil national “ air of 10 ” receive Guan Zhi year, beijing should take step inside bigger range, ironhanded treat haze. In the meantime, beijing will increase industrial business to adjust further exit pace. Clear in the round punish 2560 “ are messy corrupt ” enterprise, close again stop exit 500 general manufacturing industry and contaminative business. To ensure the environmental protection target of the capital is reached, surround in Beijing the Heibei all around saves P Shijiazhuang, judge and other places of Dan of water, Xing Tai, Han, Baoding, Tang Shan increases the strength that decrease a platoon possibly also. Heibei saves governmental the beginning of the year to put forward, 2017, will press decrease steel-making to produce can 15.62 million tons, puddling 16.24 million tons, pressure decrease coal to produce can 7.42 million tons. Will accelerate iron and steel of mouth of Langfang, Baoding, Zhang Jia to produce can exit entirely, bear iron and steel of island of emperor of heart, the Qin Dynasty is produced can exit partly, support Wu An, Feng Na, change to install conformity of enterprise of and other places to recombine, boost a steel capital Tang Er period and Shi Gang remove wait for major project. The influence of 2017 mist haze to packing print although   is numerous the expert is right also papermaking, pack presswork weak power industry is mist haze to carry boiler on the back aggrieved, make bold points out main pollution source is heavy industry enterprise be caused by exceeding a platoon, but have after all discharge existence, if mist haze weather cannot improve considerably, medium or small paper mill and pack presswork the enterprise fears will receiving deadly trial. By December 2016, wait in coal rise in price the element is digested, the country is useless reduce considerably, exchange rate is strong the firm, situation that produces off-season arrival issues look forward to, price of Chinese industry base paper still soars all the way. 2017, mist haze day is the incident that leads probably for certain continuously, paper value is afraid maintain fluctuate considerably posture. 2017, as papermaking, pack reach presswork the blowdown cost of the industry can raise further, house of base paper price does not fall high, a large number of medium or small papermaking, presswork the enterprise that pack will greet destiny turn. Because the country does not have promising to be forced,the enterprise of stop production offers corresponding economy to compensate, the boss of these enterprises may face huge debt risk. Rise in price current bow wave have not abreaction, 2017 encounter mist haze press on the border again, what still struggling hard is medium small presswork the enterprise that pack, received historic trial again. Hero breaks wrist to be exited very reluctantly, or is dare to die goes all out in work insist to come down, bosses will face final choice.