Lukewarm city port is intercepted and capture continuously into condition goods unqualified woodiness is packed

Published on 2019-12-10

The reporter examines 20 days from Wen Zhou quarantine bureau learns, this bureau came from skin of Italian blue Shi Niu to undertake examining to 3 batches recently when quarantine, in drawing out box to use check process, woodiness packs the part that discovers its are declared one after another not to accord with a regulation, inside 5 container discovery has 30 wood tray to mark without “IPPC” . “IPPC” label is the “ Id ” that woodiness of goods of condition of pass in and out packs, the woodiness that handles qualification via quarantine packs ability to allow to bring to bear on “IPPC” marks. The woodiness that marks without “IPPC” is packed be equal at be being handled without quarantine, examine quarantine is unqualified. Basis ” condition of pass in and out uses plant quarantine method ” reach its to carry out byelaw, the woodiness that handles without quarantine is packed must not enter a country. Wen Zhou examines quarantine bureau already will be violated compasses pack into the woodiness of the condition give hold back seal up for keeping, will carry out processing of destroy by melting or burning lawfully. The work is checked in port in, discovery is violated compasses into the goods woodiness of the condition the case that pack happens from time to tome, basically have the following two kinds of circumstances: It is to enter condition goods woodiness to pack did not declare; 2 be declare pack into condition goods woodiness unqualified, include to was not added apply “IPPC” label or discovery to carry plant diseases and insect pests to wait not the circumstance of regulations of be good law.