Fertilizer is automatic the path of the conserve of in bags machine, can not look down upon oh ~

Published on 2018-11-26

Current, machine of automatic in bags applies fertilizer very extensive, apply to chemical fertilizer, plastic seed, all sorts of crop, dust stock, chemical stock each are big industry, it is the battleplan of each large trade work, working capability is extremely strong, the advantage waits when having efficient, energy-saving, province, since give the job to bring so great help, to package machine equipment maintaining is to should be paid attention to rise. Among them fertilizer is automatic engine of in bags aircraft is full automatic packed an enterprise to bring very big convenience, but needing those who notice this kind of packer to maintain is need attention. Using fertilizer everyday before machine of automatic in bags, operation personnel needs to undertake cleanness to its, the ash of a few float, makings that abandon film should clear clean etc, electronic-controlled the crucial position such as device of box, hot a device, hot side should clear carefully, lest produce needless breakdown. Before switch on the mobile phone, the power source of machine of automatic in bags, switch still has fertilizer electrical system, operating system wants an examination to whether exist unusual, should check a few component the whether complete, circumstance that become loose, if have,different often should ask professional in time to overhaul. Fertilizer should maintain among daily use of machine of automatic in bags neat, and after been use every time, want to will issue makings mouth cleanness clean, can ensure bag type packer not to suffer already corrode, still ensured the wholesome sex of the production that pack. Same, full automatic the photoelectricity that gives bag of type packer dogs the system also needs to keep clean, in order to make sure the dependability that cursor dogs and essence are accurate. Major of science and technology of Zhengzhou abundant constant produces packer all the year round since, the staff member of ministry of abundant constant technology precipitated the character of packer, conserve reachs all sorts of breakdown to handle experience, a variety of better questions that answer the industry that pack. If have need 24 hours to seek advice from a hot line: Phone of firm of 18703885075 Zhao director: 0371-64948700 QQ: 1687865171 YH-PD50 is mensurable capable person of packer ◆ applicable bag: Buy of clip in bags applies to textile bag, gunny-bag, paper bag, hop-pocket and polybag to wait. ◆ new technology: Use advanced personal computer to control processing technology, frequency control, the operation is simple, rate is rapid, precision rises substantially. Fall compulsively through leather belt makings, tall, job stabilizes efficiency, safeguard handy. ◆ applies to feed, flour, strong fertilization extensively, accuse commentate the industry such as fat, additive, chemical industry, coating. ◆ applicable stock: Pulverous stock, mixture stock, grain stock. Technical parameter: ?  amine paragraph В ?-50Kg precision: ±0.2% packs speed: 300 – 600 bags / hour power source: 380v is overall weight: 200Kg over all dimension: 850*630*1840mm (long wide tall) power of lead plane electric machinery: 0.37Kw seams power of charter flight electric machinery: 0.37Kw carries Electromechanical engine power: 0.75 Kw