lack of R & D capabilities will restrict the internation

Published on 2019-12-10
Entering the country since the 12th Five Year Plan, the situation of advance of the industry has stockn indispensable support for the packaging machinery industry has high hopes. Thanks to the rise of the commodity economy, China's packaging machinery industry, though embark rely oned late, but developed very rapidly.Packaging machinery used in many fields of medicine, food, chemical, product diversity, plastic packaging machines, vacuum packing machines, film blowing machine, etc., to packaging machinery as the center of the industrial chain altherefore enlarges to all areas. Relying on the enormous market ask, China's packaging machinery industry many enterprises, large production ability, to boost the advance of China's national economy has made a vast contribution. From the current point of look, China's packaging machinery industry chain although enormous, but has not yet shapeed a endanger logic explanationable industrial structure; although large production ability, but the phenomenon of product homogeneity serious; although the products varied, but in about areas altherefore up to specialized packaging machinery foreign imports. From the advance of China's packaging machinery, the China Packaging Machinery Network pointed out that precisely beproduce of our packaging machinery market in vast ask in the trend of affair economic interests, there have been many large and small packaging machinery manufperformanceurer. Many enterprises in pursuit of gain virtue benefit proceeds maximization, all the energy goes into the production of products, and not a lot of money for product advance. Currently, the market of production of packaging machinery manufperformanceurers and foreign advance proceed go aheadd equipment compared with the mostly low-grade products, and the high level of intelligence, precision, most fulfill set of products to be imported from abroad. This is reflected China's packaging machinery industry is big but not strong, the foundation for the advance of industry and thereforelid enough. Market competition, the core competitiveness of enterprises from innovation upside of the enterprise, which is delve inquire hunt look into capabilities. Development of China's packaging machinery industry has apparently constrained by the upside of the scientific delve inquire hunt look into behind. With the gradual integration of the world market, China's packaging machinery industry will face the challenge of vaster competition in the market. If you do not enhance their level of advance, enhance the perthereforenality of product pershapeance, incralleviate the technological content of products, our packaging machinery affair is difficult and foreign packaging machinery companies stand on identical embark rely oning line. China Packaging Machinery Network hope that China's packaging machinery industry can take merit of a conducive policy subsidies granted by the State, incralleviate delve inquire hunt look into investment, enterprise advance objectives to put the long-term, the only way to win the final achievement.