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Packaging will be the biggest mall of plastic processing machinery

The latest reports display, the estimated global plastic processing machinery mall will add an annual rate of 6.9%, to 2017 will constitute the sale of machinery mall two fifths, 2017 injection molding machines worldwide mall is estimated to achieve $ 37.1 billion , beproduce of its diverse functions, widely used in the future for a long time, or will continue to adhere to the most important position. So far, China is still the worlds largest shopping malls machinery and equipment, enjoyion of 2

Published on 2020-09-08
  • Independent company plan adjusts business below Du Bangqi of

    The government announces to be less than two weeks, company of Du Bang of contented family name will change his to plan the business structure of 3

  • Inventory China top 10 industrial robots star enterprise

    The birth of a robot may not be industry in the 20th centurys greatest achievements, but it is probably the greatest change in the 21st century!Robotics, electronics, control, computer, sensors, artificial intelligence and other multidisciplinary advanced technology in the integration of the modern manufacturing important automation equipment is set machine.Since 1962, the United States have developed the worlds first robot, robot technology and its product development soon, has become a flexibl

  • Skill saves diver of chelonian card larynx to be dragged from inside th

    Does environmental pollution have to marine biologic influence how old? Heart of instructor Sa Yi pulls university of British Bern Mao Si the come across that rare heart dives in the Red Sea can tell you. According to introducing, sayide dived in the Red Sea that day when, discover two turtle chelonian is eating jellyfish, he is stood by then among them a female chelonian took a few pieces of pictures that it eats. Back-to-back his discovery because this chelonian is plastic block throat to brin

Digital will become rubber machinery development inevitable trend

Digitization, this seemingly with rubber machine cant match the above words, now closely relates in together, is the key equipment of rubber products, rubber machinery and digitization is to many complex and changeable, data information into measurable figures, again with these Numbers, data, establish the appropriate digital model.According to the 2013-2017 China rubber machinery industry production and sales forecast demand and investment analysis report shows that our country has become the w

Published on 2020-09-08

China rubber machinery started towards the international market

Although rubber machinery enterprises in China sales have accounted for the global rubber machinery almost one-third of the total sales revenue, but mainly by domestic tire project, mostly domestic low-end products.Still not see both at home and abroad market, in addition to the traditional foreign trade export, international operation ways, through a variety of forms such as mergers and acquisitions, turnkey project, actively expand overseas markets, to ensure continued stable and healthy devel

Published on 2020-09-08

CHINAPLAS 2017 international displaying

Exhibition name: 31 session of China international plastic rubber industry exhibition show time: 2017.5.16-19 exhibition location: guangzhou Pazhou \/\/\/LED() 250,000 3,300+ 40 140,000 15025%) 12 3800+TCLIntelligent manufacturing, high and new materials, environmental protection technology Three hot plastic created human good life, and with the acceleration in the upgrading of consumption, also is reversed transmission plastics manufacturing industry upgrading transformation.CHINAPLAS exhibitio

Published on 2020-09-08

Food Machines

Machine of results of earthnut of series of fertile heart research and development drives results machinery industry to upgrade

Henan Ward machinery makes limited company devote oneself to science and technology to innovate all the time, research and development a variety of earthnut are mechanical, have pull up seedlings, picking up, pick fruit, collect wait for comprehensive function, each area that can get used to domestic earthnut to cultivate, be chased after energetically by the market hold in both hands. Earthnut of our country grows the mechanization rate with results all the time not tall, occupy cost of above o

Published on 2020-09-08
  • Different ground ability changes product line of beer of China embellis

    It is reported, beer of China embellish snowflake (south Guizhou) limited company was passed in March 2011 and buy former Guizhou means of magical beer limited company is entered be stationed in Long Li county. The enterprise was grabbed 2016 catch 1000 look forward to of Guizhou to transform chance, aim at Guizhou not to have the market blank of canned product line, take the kind of the change after be being built first, in Long Li area of garden of new and high industry is started produce per

  • Get together and ultrasonic: At what does cleaning machine of ultrasoni

    Cleaning machine of ultrasonic of odd chamfer type uses entrance chip transducer of efficient and high grade ultrasonic, strength concentration, clean the effect remarkable, oscillatory Li Chaojiang, clean beautiful of speed fast effect. Use SUS304 stainless steel to add thick to 2MM, solder of pure manual and double-faced argon, wear well, high temperature resistant. But successive long uninterrupted job, clean time to install 1-99 minute adjustable, number shows control time to arrive accurate

  • The numerical control of general accuracy machine tool below

    0 forewordProduction technology is the mark that measures level of industrialization of a nation, develop at full speed as our country economy, our


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