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Yangzhou China international machine tool mould and machinery manufactu

Support unit: the peoples government of yangzhou co-sponsors: mould industry association of jiangsu province Yangzhou city mould industry association Yangzhou morning sea mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD. Yangzhou appropriate mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD Yangzhou tianhai machine sales co., LTD. Yangzhou zhongyu CNC machinery co., LTD Yangzhou HaoHong electromechanical co., LTD. Yangzhou tongyuan mechanical products co., LTD Yangzhou f online acquisition electric equip

Published on 2019-12-10
  • Skill saves diver of chelonian card larynx to be dragged from inside th

    Does environmental pollution have to marine biologic influence how old? Heart of instructor Sa Yi pulls university of British Bern Mao Si the come across that rare heart dives in the Red Sea can tell you. According to introducing, sayide dived in the Red Sea that day when, discover two turtle chelonian is eating jellyfish, he is stood by then among them a female chelonian took a few pieces of pictures that it eats. Back-to-back his discovery because this chelonian is plastic block throat to brin

  • Independent company plan adjusts business below Du Bangqi of

    The government announces to be less than two weeks, company of Du Bang of contented family name will change his to plan the business structure of 3

  • Environmental protection superintend and director is checked, various p

    One, calm south Recently, calm south the staff member is in bureau of prefectural environmental protection to execute the law daily in check out procedure, discover reservoir of ceremony go smoothly has a plastic and broken processing factory downstream, because do not have annulus to evaluate batch of formalities, extremely why to pollute establishment of prevention and cure, be suspected of an environment breaking the law. Accordingly, calm south bureau of prefectural environmental protection

Digital will become rubber machinery development inevitable trend

Digitization, this seemingly with rubber machine cant match the above words, now closely relates in together, is the key equipment of rubber products, rubber machinery and digitization is to many complex and changeable, data information into measurable figures, again with these Numbers, data, establish the appropriate digital model.According to the 2013-2017 China rubber machinery industry production and sales forecast demand and investment analysis report shows that our country has become the w

Published on 2019-12-10

China rubber machinery started towards the international market

Although rubber machinery enterprises in China sales have accounted for the global rubber machinery almost one-third of the total sales revenue, but mainly by domestic tire project, mostly domestic low-end products.Still not see both at home and abroad market, in addition to the traditional foreign trade export, international operation ways, through a variety of forms such as mergers and acquisitions, turnkey project, actively expand overseas markets, to ensure continued stable and healthy devel

Published on 2019-12-10

CHINAPLAS 2017 international displaying

Exhibition name: 31 session of China international plastic rubber industry exhibition show time: 2017.5.16-19 exhibition location: guangzhou Pazhou \/\/\/LED() 250,000 3,300+ 40 140,000 15025%) 12 3800+TCLIntelligent manufacturing, high and new materials, environmental protection technology Three hot plastic created human good life, and with the acceleration in the upgrading of consumption, also is reversed transmission plastics manufacturing industry upgrading transformation.CHINAPLAS exhibitio

Published on 2019-12-10

Food Machines

Cheng Tai is dry and newest drier of paragraph vibration fluid-bed already delivered goods

Characteristic oscillatory source is to introduce vibrating motor drive, movement is smooth, maintenance is convenient, low, life grows noise. Shed voice to change well-balanced, mix without dead space blow wear a phenomenon, can acquire even dry, cooling product. Adjustable the gender is good, get used to bizygomatic breadth. Thickness of bed and floating inside machine rate and complete amplitude change all can realize stepless adjustment. Small to stock surface injury, what can be used at bri

Published on 2019-12-10
  • One food of Inner Mongolia processes operation of project put into prod

    Food of limited company of food of go smoothly of Inner Mongolia good mind processes a project a few days ago complete put into production. This project is located in area of garden of food of green of 9 former divisions, always invest 100 million yuan, cover an area of a face to accumulate 50 mus, build 1000 model biscuit product line 2, power turn biscuit product line 1, french cake product line 1, egg roll product line 1, cake product line 3. Construction content basically includes manufactur

  • Today Mai Lang promotes production workshop automation rate c

    1993, the farmer that county of Heibei province Long Yao does rock candy business hits upon a bold idea, he calls together 8 friends to invest 2.18

  • Drier of vacuum of double awl circumgyrate needs 5 paces to r

    To a few machinery we perhaps cannot the hand is moved go holding directly accuse, we perhaps should depend on a few outside force probably the prop of


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