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[take] 2016 robot robot five countries in the global enterprise

All round the world robot industry development, the giant robots are mainly concentrated in the United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea, China and other five countries.Intelligence as the main direction, the rising of new materials and new technology research and development strength, clearly put forward to develop industrial robots to boost manufacturing.And for Japan, its form a complete set of industrial robot industry competitive advantage lies in the complete industrial system and key pa

Published on 2019-08-15
  • Every year about 8 million tons of plastic rubbish are entere

    Now, marine pollution already was global environmental problem. According to estimation, every year about 8 million tons of plastic rubbish enter ocean,

  • Mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment and so on five big achi

    Germany is the worlds fourth, Europes first economic power.Under the background of the European debt crisis, Germanys economic performance is relatively outstanding, continue to maintain growth, known as the European debt crisis ;.Germanys economy can continue to stable and healthy development, the key lies in Germany adhere to the development of the real economy and producer services, and can keep pace with The Times, continuous innovation, professional, technical route, firmly hold the global

  • Plastic industries needed for high end products to increase s

    According to statistics, rubber and plastic products industry's fixed asset investment in the first quarter of 90.2 billion yuan, down 22.8% investment growth over the same period last year, 12.3% lower than at the end of last year. Plastic processing industry growth is slowing, "Twelve-Five" during the average growth rate of less than 10% and less "Eleven-Five" half the average growth rate for the period. Lu Gendi introduction of synthetic resins, chemical sales in East China branch of Sinopec,

Digital will become rubber machinery development inevitable trend

Digitization, this seemingly with rubber machine cant match the above words, now closely relates in together, is the key equipment of rubber products, rubber machinery and digitization is to many complex and changeable, data information into measurable figures, again with these Numbers, data, establish the appropriate digital model.According to the 2013-2017 China rubber machinery industry production and sales forecast demand and investment analysis report shows that our country has become the w

Published on 2019-08-15

China rubber machinery started towards the international market

Although rubber machinery enterprises in China sales have accounted for the global rubber machinery almost one-third of the total sales revenue, but mainly by domestic tire project, mostly domestic low-end products.Still not see both at home and abroad market, in addition to the traditional foreign trade export, international operation ways, through a variety of forms such as mergers and acquisitions, turnkey project, actively expand overseas markets, to ensure continued stable and healthy devel

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CHINAPLAS 2017 international displaying

Exhibition name: 31 session of China international plastic rubber industry exhibition show time: 2017.5.16-19 exhibition location: guangzhou Pazhou \/\/\/LED() 250,000 3,300+ 40 140,000 15025%) 12 3800+TCLIntelligent manufacturing, high and new materials, environmental protection technology Three hot plastic created human good life, and with the acceleration in the upgrading of consumption, also is reversed transmission plastics manufacturing industry upgrading transformation.CHINAPLAS exhibitio

Published on 2019-08-15

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5 grain fluid: Big country new era of brand navigate open

Editors note: On May 10, 2017, when greeting of day of brand of first China, chinese famous entrepreneur sends word on behalf of passion, in all word China brand is good tomorrow. 5 grain fluid serves as the outstanding delegate that drives health of world liquor industry to develop, the Yangtse River of deep ploughing Yu Moli guest of appropriate of Sichuan of of the first city, dance of song be apt to grows in the history and reality, inheritance and innovation, with the distinctive scent of C

Published on 2019-08-15
  • City of Yantai Zhang Yu wine introduces German product line to realize

    Inc. of brew of Zhang Yu grape is cast in Yantai build bishop and brandy kind monomer produces workshop, introduce product line of bishop, brandy from Germany, implementation can produce per year bishop and brandy 400 thousand tons are produced can while let produce process height automation. at present, zhang Yu should raise his wine cup with the spirit of get right on the job city project individually board piece receive good remaining part, yield as soon as possible benefit, strive, make larg

  • The river in 760 million creditors rights enrols fiction of doubt of Da

    Arrived 2007 successive 2014 the overseas business building a plant that 8 years sales revenue exceeds one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan, once was American metal association world machine tool 500 strong rank the 8th, first of the rank in industry of Chinese machine tool in former days bibcock enterprise, establish line of business of machine tool of earlier whole nation as new China one of 18 arhat limited company of group of Dalian mac

  • The punch product line that 2 machine tools provide for one s

    2 machine tools are Jinan one steam - the product line of punch of automation of 8100 tons of high speed that masses Tianjin factory provides, the course


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