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Skill saves diver of chelonian card larynx to be dragged from inside th

Does environmental pollution have to marine biologic influence how old? Heart of instructor Sa Yi pulls university of British Bern Mao Si the come across that rare heart dives in the Red Sea can tell you. According to introducing, sayide dived in the Red Sea that day when, discover two turtle chelonian is eating jellyfish, he is stood by then among them a female chelonian took a few pieces of pictures that it eats. Back-to-back his discovery because this chelonian is plastic block throat to brin

Published on 2020-09-08
  • Mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment and so on five big achi

    Germany is the worlds fourth, Europes first economic power.Under the background of the European debt crisis, Germanys economic performance is relatively outstanding, continue to maintain growth, known as the European debt crisis ;.Germanys economy can continue to stable and healthy development, the key lies in Germany adhere to the development of the real economy and producer services, and can keep pace with The Times, continuous innovation, professional, technical route, firmly hold the global

  • International of machinery of new have diarrhoea and sea day establishs

    General manager of department of career of sale of North America of machinery of new have diarrhoea holds a sale concurrently vice-president Peter Gardner undertook introductory to the joint ventures before this, he expresses: After the joint ventures is established, new have diarrhoea can use sea day giant productivity and purchase demand, high accuracy Japan is produced to record model machine with inferior cost in Japan. Sea day international is not executive trustee Helmar Franz to express,

Digital will become rubber machinery development inevitable trend

Digitization, this seemingly with rubber machine cant match the above words, now closely relates in together, is the key equipment of rubber products, rubber machinery and digitization is to many complex and changeable, data information into measurable figures, again with these Numbers, data, establish the appropriate digital model.According to the 2013-2017 China rubber machinery industry production and sales forecast demand and investment analysis report shows that our country has become the w

Published on 2020-09-08

China rubber machinery started towards the international market

Although rubber machinery enterprises in China sales have accounted for the global rubber machinery almost one-third of the total sales revenue, but mainly by domestic tire project, mostly domestic low-end products.Still not see both at home and abroad market, in addition to the traditional foreign trade export, international operation ways, through a variety of forms such as mergers and acquisitions, turnkey project, actively expand overseas markets, to ensure continued stable and healthy devel

Published on 2020-09-08

CHINAPLAS 2017 international displaying

Exhibition name: 31 session of China international plastic rubber industry exhibition show time: 2017.5.16-19 exhibition location: guangzhou Pazhou \/\/\/LED() 250,000 3,300+ 40 140,000 15025%) 12 3800+TCLIntelligent manufacturing, high and new materials, environmental protection technology Three hot plastic created human good life, and with the acceleration in the upgrading of consumption, also is reversed transmission plastics manufacturing industry upgrading transformation.CHINAPLAS exhibitio

Published on 2020-09-08

Food Machines

British ALDI supermarket rolls out 375mL bottled bishop

Recently, british Aldi supermarket rolls out the bottled bishop of a series of 375mL, the ash that includes Romania is mixed than Nuo black than Nuo, and the Maerbeike of Chile, every bottles of price 2.99 pound. Say of Julie Ashfield of Aldi supermarket general manager: The lifestyle with more and more more healthy consumer preference, enjoy wine to make them OK still when dinner, and the bishop that need not open a bottle of whole 750mL, because this rolled out the bishop of 375mL. Although th

Published on 2020-09-08
  • Machinery of automation of support of contemporary animal husbandry imp

    The pure milk of contemporary animal husbandry is picked take world food quality to judge congress of ancient bronze mirror 4 Lian Guan, the that what this basically relies on is its initiate grows add unifinication, 0 spaces 2 hours the innovation mode of , below this mode, use automation machine, came true from milk to machine 2 hours in finish. Recently, the character of 2017 worlds food that holds in the say meridional country Malta that having of Mediterranean heart judges prize-giving cele

  • Big 3 Hunan delicacy squeezes tea-seed oil craft line was started a few

    Tea-seed oil is oil of our country edible kind medium main component, just come for years how does monsoon undertake to fruit of big batch tea-oil tree exuviate depart and air basked in the big difficult problem that restricts development. Recently, big delicacy of 3 Hunan squeezes tea-seed oilCraft line tries formally machine start, this craft broke through the 3 great traditions of tea-seed oil to machine bottleneck, can better improve tea-seed oil quality, increase raw material additional cos

  • Health master is had the honor to win dozenth a year of award

    On January 11, what sponsor by people net is dozenth a prize-giving grand ceremony of award of enterprise society responsibility in Peoples Daily company


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