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Summary: as the plastics industry is an important factor to measure of a nation's industrial level, in recent years, plastic machinery industry has develop

Published on 2016-05-05
  • Plastic auxiliary -- mould inhibitor

    Mould inhibitor bases: Activator of ramification of season ammonium salt, Ka Song, surface, synergist. Can prevent microbial cause mildewy drug. Have phenol kind, chloric phenol kind, organic mercury salt, organic copper salt, organic stannum salt, reach mercury of inorganic salt bluestone, chloridize, fluorine to change sodium to wait. Use at plastic, balata, textile, paint and insulating material to wait. A kind of commonly used plastic auxiliary is in plastic industry. Mould inhibitor a few p

  • International competitiveness of China's plastics machinery

    As the plastics industry is an important factor to measure of a nation's industrial level, in recent years, plastic machinery industry has developed rapidl

  • The car such as material of the nylon that print uses 3D plastic enter

    Develop as automobile industry, car dosage is quick and outspread, the car increases ceaselessly with plastic demand, among them the car such as material of polyurethane, nylon uses plastic market farther dilate. According to the report, plastic mart market prise was as high as golden brick Shikoku 2014 11244.4 1 million dollars, 2015-2020 year the anticipation between is compound year increase rate predicts to be able to be amounted to 15.4% . Up to 2020, global car is plastic the market is com

Japanese king makes paper factory of fiber of cellulose accept rice beg

Japanese king controls paper company all 10 tons / year experiment factory, began to produce fiber of cellulose accept rice in Shikoku island in January 2018. This company sells its product with Ellex brand, the staple that includes to be used at plastic composite material increases wait for target application. The plastic composite material that this company plans to use this factory to produce has trial production, it is a target in order to enhance plastic composite material, improve treatmen

Published on 2018-03-27

Propylene goes up, PP sees spruce stage model change stage model flouri

Cold current invades Korea, KPIC, SKGC two aggregate 580 thousand tons of propylene produce a line to be shut temporarily, supply decrease, propylene is newest merchandise on hand quotes strong raise evens more 5% , on station of every tons of price 1, 150 dollars, climb butadiene of new in November 2014 tall; to also figure a BDH shutdown or reduction of output because of home, quote is played by force 6% , breakthrough 1, 400 dollars, stage model turns profit indebted into fill. Influence plac

Published on 2018-03-27

shrimp case becomes plastic aspire of 15 years old of girls does Sydney

According to Australia network coverage, a schoolgirl of 15 years old invented Sydney recently a kind of new technology, can solve not only ton seafood litter, still can solve the whole world cannot the problem that degradation polybag abuses, because this new technology is OK,become change of deserted shrimp carapace, crab carapace but of degradation puissant and plastic. According to the report, the Anjilina in on Sydney woman high school 10 grade is a scientific lover, the lab that she was in

Published on 2018-03-27

Food Machines

Machinery of automation of support of contemporary animal husbandry improves efficiency from milk to want 2h only to treatment

The pure milk of contemporary animal husbandry is picked take world food quality to judge congress of ancient bronze mirror 4 Lian Guan, the that what this basically relies on is its initiate grows add unifinication, 0 spaces 2 hours the innovation mode of , below this mode, use automation machine, came true from milk to machine 2 hours in finish. Recently, the character of 2017 worlds food that holds in the say meridional country Malta that having of Mediterranean heart judges prize-giving cele

Published on 2017-11-11
  • Search difference to change deep treatment to raise produce additional

    To cater to the psychological demand of consumer, 100 abundant produce of Heibei develop limited company to tackle key problem through science and technology, undertake the product experiments ceaselessly, developed to boil a clique of soup of pear of A mother-in-law. This product uses outfit of canister of asepsis of high-grade glass bottle, classics high temperature is antiseptic and insurable 12 months, ensure from fountainhead Shang Pin of each bottles of pear is qualitative, safeguard feeds

  • Encounter automation when the tradition

    The rusk with this kind of clinking, brittle crisp often can evoke the good memory that has our childhood, make a men and women old young on the face of broad client the smile of excessive full happiness. Come more than 100 years, when Brandt rusk has become the go on a journey outside everybody to play necessary article, also be the frequenter on desk of every family breakfast at the same time. Regard the rusk of famed Europe as the brand, this employee number of household company amounts to 80

  • Come out for food machinery century anti-corrosion substance

    Recently, the National Class A Design Institute Application Seminar, a project by the National Development and Reshape Comassignment, the State Science and Technology Comassignment as a 863 Torch Plan, to derive a century of corrosion patent depend on date technologies, depend on date substance stuff things, depend on date products and standards have been come out. According to China Hao Hua Changyuan antisepsis (Group) Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang Zhenzhou introduced, with the folks on food s

Profit of machine tool industry grew 192.6% to however 3 become company

Association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool should be worth director Long Xingyuan 8 days to express in Shanghai, 2017, total of profit of industry of Chinese machine tool grows 192.6% compared to the same period, among them total of profit of metallic treatment machine tool is to grow 579.7% compared to the same period more, but meanwhile, enterprise of entire trade deficit is occupied than still be being amounted to 33.8% . But current, cost of advanced position of industry of Chin

Published on 2018-04-14

The numerical control of general accuracy machine tool below digital en

0 forewordProduction technology is the mark that measures level of industrialization of a nation, develop at full speed as our country economy, our country manufacturing industry obtained great progress. The has quantity and technical level on any account of numerical control machine tool is a country the important sign of actual strength of modern manufacturing industry, current our country is in the crucial period that creates big country to transform to mechanical production power from machin

Published on 2018-04-14

Shenyang machine tool is early dish pull litre of 5.43% quantities to c

Early on March 29, 2018 dish 09 when 30 minutes, shenyang machine tool (000410) occurrence transaction, share price is pulled considerably litre 5.43% . Up to distribute news dispatches, this sign up for 10.49 yuan / , clinch a deal measure forteen thousand seven hundred hand, the rate that change a hand 0.20% , amplitude 2.10% , the quantity is compared 11.32. This recently a day (2017-03-17) data of certificate of financing be in harmony is: Financing remaining sum seven hundred and twenty-sev

Published on 2018-04-14

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