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Korea's biggest manufacturers are spent expanding their factories, want to increase productivity to remain competitive, rather than build more factories in low-cost areas. For example, Dongshin Hydraulics Co.Ltd. announced it will invest 30 million in Korea to build a new factory to meet the demand for energy-saving machine, while larger rival Woojin Plaimm Inc. company is building a new factory, injection molding machines to expand annual production capacity from 1800 to 3000 units. This is in

Published on 2016-09-06
  • Switch target Evonik merger plans by Europe to United States

    Germany's leading industrial group Evonik chemical manufacturer in large European mergers after the collapse of the plan, has drawn attention from Europe to United States. It was reported that Evonik has been with United States companies have approached, including air chemical group, interested in buying its material technical devices, Evonik and air chemical industry representatives from both sides did not comment. Evonik they said any final decision has been made yet, still looking for targets

  • Japan's auto industry ask-maintainn advance of the plastics processing

    Recently, Japanese industrial machinery industry will be announced in June 2015 the amount of export orders and industrial machinery of the contrperformance. According to the analysis, auto incralleviate the amount of industrial ask led to the advance of plastics processing machinery industry. Orders amounted to 469.787 billion yen, a 91.5% identical month last year. The amount of orders, domestic ask incralleviated to 260.991 billion yen, to 108.2 percent identical month last year. Among them,

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    On CHINA PLAS 2013 shortly in the past, Wei Mai Luo, President of Engel (Gero Willmeroth) described Engel machines sold in China, more difficult aspect is the price. Often he would use the unit cost to persuade customers. Pleasing is that prices are important, customers have also been more and more attention to quality. Engel's company is responsible for the sales and after-sales service in China, based in Shanghai, Gero said, comprehensive optimization processes reduce the unit cost, Engel is p

Qingdao destroys two smuggling to abandon plastic etc gang

On November 7 before dawn 6 when, in custom total arrange unites direct to fall, qingdao custom begins blow solid trash to contraband blue sky the 3rd round of concentration of special operation is hit, destroy gang of trash of two smuggling solid in all, arrest guilty suspect two, the spot is checked buckle smuggling to abandon scoria 401.197 tons, check smuggling is abandoned plastic 49.83 tons, check buckle evidence of card of a batch of books, electron. Via checking, the factitious seek such

Published on 2017-12-12

Every year about 8 million tons of plastic rubbish are entered marine

Now, marine pollution already was global environmental problem. According to estimation, every year about 8 million tons of plastic rubbish enter ocean, add up entirely can circle the earth 420 rounds. More than 50 kinds of fish are in by discovery edible is plastic rubbish. The expert is forecasted, 2050, the plastic likelihood in earthly ocean is more than fish. The Luo Atan island of Caribbean, ever was called to dive lover heaven, offing is accumulated by bedding face however nowadays plasti

Published on 2017-12-12

Drinking cup replaces plastic cup: Lose in clay meeting by degradation

Plastic pollution is people attention problem all the time, cup of one-time plastic water also became the focal point that people pays close attention to because of its catholicity nature. It is reported, foreign undergraduate invention gave eatable cup to replace one-time plastic cup. If water cup can be accomplished but degradation is good, be based on this, abroad has an undergraduate to be designed but degradation and the water cup that can take, say according to the report, parson designs A

Published on 2017-12-11

Food Machines

Today Mai Lang promotes production workshop automation rate ceaselessly

1993, the farmer that county of Heibei province Long Yao does rock candy business hits upon a bold idea, he calls together 8 friends to invest 2.18 million yuan jointly, build had plant of a convenient cover, the key serves rural market. As face of Hua Long, see the ad saying of is familiar with by people gradually every day, the dimensions of this enterprise and comprehensive strength are outspread 1000 multiple, become to have 38 production base in the whole nation, the company of bibcock of k

Published on 2017-11-11
  • Come out for food machinery century anti-corrosion substance

    Recently, the National Class A Design Institute Application Seminar, a project by the National Development and Reshape Comassignment, the State Science and Technology Comassignment as a 863 Torch Plan, to derive a century of corrosion patent depend on date technologies, depend on date substance stuff things, depend on date products and standards have been come out. According to China Hao Hua Changyuan antisepsis (Group) Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang Zhenzhou introduced, with the folks on food s

  • One food of Inner Mongolia processes operation of project put into prod

    Food of limited company of food of go smoothly of Inner Mongolia good mind processes a project a few days ago complete put into production. This project is located in area of garden of food of green of 9 former divisions, always invest 100 million yuan, cover an area of a face to accumulate 50 mus, build 1000 model biscuit product line 2, power turn biscuit product line 1, french cake product line 1, egg roll product line 1, cake product line 3. Construction content basically includes manufactur

  • City of Yantai Zhang Yu wine introduces German product line to realize

    Inc. of brew of Zhang Yu grape is cast in Yantai build bishop and brandy kind monomer produces workshop, introduce product line of bishop, brandy from Germany, implementation can produce per year bishop and brandy 400 thousand tons are produced can while let produce process height automation. at present, zhang Yu should raise his wine cup with the spirit of get right on the job city project individually board piece receive good remaining part, yield as soon as possible benefit, strive, make larg

Health master is had the honor to win dozenth a year of award of respon

On January 11, what sponsor by people net is dozenth a prize-giving grand ceremony of award of enterprise society responsibility in Peoples Daily company new media edifice is held formally, current grand ceremony takes on new era, new duty, newly with gives priority to a problem, discuss study to carry out 19 great mind, drive an enterprise to fulfill the core topic of social responsibility . Stand the heavyweight award that fix eyes upon fully among them year helps deficient award up to be anno

Published on 2018-01-15

Bright 2018 Xin does not become rusty product of special type steel is

On January 6, 2018, to bright Xin stainless steel it is a special and extraordinary time, hand in hand win-win, bright Xin of 2018 of the future that build a dream does not become rusty product of special type steel is recommended can be in without Xi Mingdou big public house is held ceremoniously. This grand meeting, bright Xin invited more than 500 new old client to assemble in. Spot music is ablaze, heart-stirring. A royal and grand product is recommended can pull open in spot honored guests

Published on 2018-01-15

Clean water of Shu Fu spy implement behead obtains customer satisfactio

In what just end won 2017 in enjoying grand meeting of brand of industry of Chinese clean water, the Shu Fu of Softena of clean water brand that banner of limited company of science and technology of clean Ying Jiankang issues Jiangsu is special, after classics public polls and the expert evaluates integrated assess, have the honor to win honor of of brand of customer satisfaction. The pot of heavy and medal, delegate industry and consumer are especially clean to Shu Fu water implement of the br

Published on 2018-01-15

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